NBPA Approves Health and Safety Guide, Positive Tests Will Happen, $500K Jordan Jersey(!), and Other Bulls Bullets

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NBPA Approves Health and Safety Guide, Positive Tests Will Happen, $500K Jordan Jersey(!), and Other Bulls Bullets

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I move in T-minus 14 days. I’ve done the (kinda) fun part of buying a bunch of new stuff I wanted, but I now have to do the packing part. I’m really not looking forward to it, but I also can’t procrastinate. Ugh.

(Michael: Still can’t believe you’re moving to Buck Country).

•   While some NBA players continue to voice concerns with the Orlando bubble, the league office is pushing forward. Yesterday, the NBA sent out an extensive 113-page health and safety guide that has reportedly been approved by the NBPA. Thanks to The Athletic, we know quite a bit about what the players should expect once they arrive in Florida at the beginning of July. Players will be tested very regularly starting on June 23rd, and the numbers of tests will increase around “Phase 4” which starts after everyone is expected to be safely inside the bubble environment. The NBA will also supply players with a handful of ways to test their own health status, including a “Smart Thermometer” and a pulse oximeter. Also, it appears players will have the option to wear an alarm that will sound if someone is breaking the social distancing policy. As far as we know, this isn’t something that would be enforced, but if any player wants to ensure no one comes within six feet of them while they’re out and about, they have that option.

•   I’ll admit, it’s kind of crazy to think about how the league is enforcing all these practices only to have these guys huffing, puffing, and sweating all over each other on the court. I still think it’s incredibly important, as well as the only way to go about something like this, but it just makes me realize even more how wild this all situation is. Not to mention, at the end of the day, the NBA knows it’s be practically impossible to record zero positive cases. Testing might be frequent and mobility might be limited, but we’re still dealing with so many moving pieces. Clearly, this is why we see the league affirming that a positive test will not, once again, shut down the entire season.

•   Neutral sight, no fans, masked coaches … this is going to be a once in a lifetime viewing experience.

•   A return to play also can’t distract from the issues of social injustice. Many players have spoken passionately about their commitment to end systemic racism, with several leading protests throughout their community. The NBA will have to work with players to promise a continued message of social equality. The league announced yesterday that this is a clear priority as the move toward the bubble and they are in discussions with the NBPA to “developed a comprehensive strategy.”

•   Can Florida please get its s*%t together?

•   Nate “The Great” Robinson talked about how much he loved playing for the Bulls and Tom Thibodeau.

•   If you got $500,000 laying around and are feeling generous, feel free to buy me this Jordan jersey (or donate it … on second thought, just donate it).

•   Wendell Carter Jr. shouldn’t be the Bulls No. 1 offensive weapon, but it’s kind of crazy to see just how small of a role he has.

•   Hey, why is there so much Wendell hate? Is it really just the injury trouble? I know playing only 87 games over his first two seasons in the NBA isn’t ideal, but I’d still argue the guy has a lot of upside. Also, it’s not like he hasn’t played well when he’s been on the court. The guy was a double-double machine at the beginning of the season, and it’s at least worth something to make the Rising Stars Roster at All-Star Weekend. I’ve just notice any time I write about him, I see more ticked off Bulls fans that expected come out of the woodwork to take a jab at him. I’m still a pretty big fan, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him become the best of the No. 7’s.

•   Lolz this kid thinks he knows how to stop MJ.

•   Coby’s spreading that positivity!


Author: Elias Schuster

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