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The Fake Trade Market Is Booming, Not the Grimmest Outlook, Donovan’s Past, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Today is that one Sunday of every football season where half of my fantasy football team is on bye. I created – what I believe to be – a very solid waiver wire lineup, but I’m still fully expecting a loss.

With that being the case, I really hope the Bears win. There is nothing a hate more than a fantasy loss AND a Bears loss. Ugh.

•   The offseason is an exciting time to throw around imaginary trades, especially for a fan base who saw their franchise completely overhaul the front office. I’ve seen practically every Bulls player thrown into a fake trade and for good reason. No one on this roster should be deemed safe, and the Bulls have given us reason to believe they want to make this roster immediately more competitive. But also, I think some folks need to temper expectations. The Chicago Bulls may have an attractive pool of young talent, but who is to say any of them are worth all that much?

•   Zach LaVine would probably be the only player to provide a return with which Bulls fans would be comfortable. Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. are two intriguing players, but each player’s value might as well be at an all-time low. Markkanen is coming off a career-worst season. We all expect a decent bounce-back of some kind, but teams pay for “what have you done for me lately” – not “what could you do for me later”  – when it comes to fourth-year players. As for Carter Jr., he has a little more recent success to hang his hat on. His start to the 2019-20 season was really solid, but he also finished the year (yet again) with injury trouble. Teams just are not going to pay a great price for the big man right now.

•   To be clear, I want the Bulls to keep both players for now – regardless of the interest they create in the trade market. The expected value is just another good reason to invest in player development and build this roster’s worth. At the end of the day, I don’t think we see any trades that include members of this young core until at least this next season’s trade deadline. With underwhelming value and a new infrastructure, it’s fine to bet on the potential for now.

•   Yay or Nay or Super Nay?

•   GOOD NEWS ALERT! CBS Sports listed the five teams with the“grimmest five-year outlooks,” and the Bulls missed the cut! Okay, well they did receive an honorable mention, but at least they weren’t in the top-5! Unless Chicago finds itself in an entirely new rebuild, it does feel like they should definitely be in the competitive picture five years from now. I mean, if this organization can legitimately pull off a big move in 2021 free agency, the Bulls could be “back” as soon as next-next season.

•   In his days at Florida and Oklahoma City, Billy Donovan has been fortunate to coach a handful of All-Star talent. The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry decided to compare current Bulls players to some of Donovan’s success stories, and it makes for a very fun read.

•   Be careful, Sexton. If the NBA goes through with more division games this season (which is in play), Carter Jr. will just have more opportunities to dunk all over you.

•   Thank you, GOAT!

Author: Elias Schuster

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