Joakim Noah's Wedding, More Thoughts on Dragic, Drummond's Number, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Joakim Noah’s Wedding, More Thoughts on Dragic, Drummond’s Number, and Other Bulls Bullets

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A brief scan of the Instagram universe divulged many videos and photos of the wedding festivities, and I can tell you it lived up to every expectation you would have for a Joakim Noah wedding. Drinks were had, dance moves were abundant, smiles were plentiful, and the atmosphere was the exact opposite of Cleveland.

Congratulations to Joakim Noah and his lovely bride!

  • Bulls fans will never forget the Rose-Noah era for many reasons, but their long-lasting bond is one of them. My heart feels like it’s being hugged by a giant pomeranian every time I see these two together. The support they have for each other – along with guys like Luol Deng and Taj Gibson – is beyond admirable, and I feel like we rarely see teams stay this connected anymore. While there seem to be more league-wide friendships than ever before, the ability to build a life-long bond with a specific group of teammates in a specific city seems to be dissipating. Player movement has its perks, but I’ll miss watching teammates grow with each other in the way this group did.
  • ICYMI: Goran Dragic says he chose the Bulls because of the big minutes he’ll get to play off the bench:
  • Look, I’m not against the idea of Dragic contributing to this team. He provides a steady hand and high basketball IQ at the point guard position, as well as a 3-point shooting stroke that this roster desperately needs. But I find it a bit odd the Bulls seemed this comfortable with telling him he’ll play substantial minutes. I understand the popular reason is the organization is fearful Lonzo Ball will not be fully healthy by the start of the season. And I do believe that is the likely explanation. However, this doesn’t sound like Dragic believes he’ll only get that kind of a workload if Ball is unhealthy; it sounds like he thinks the minutes will be there regardless.
  • Indeed, K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago said as much in a recent interview on Unfiltered with David Kaplan: “When Goran Dragic verbally agreed to terms, I got it confirmed via his representatives, and basically it was pretty obvious that there is a role for him here. Whether Lonzo Ball is healthy or not, he expects to play.” Again, I’m open to giving Dragic a chance to prove his worth, but finding that many minutes in the backcourt on a fully healthy Bulls team sounds extremely complicated. My guess is we’ll see some matchup-dependent rotations and three-guard lineups deployed.
  • Dragic being chosen as Lonzo Ball insurance also feels odd when we consider he’s struggled to stay healthy in recent years, too. The Bulls aren’t getting the prime Miami version of Dragic who was able to play 72+ games a year. They are getting a 36-year-old Dragic who played in just 21 games last season and shot a career-low from the field and downtown in those games (although, to be fair, I’m not too worried about his shooting right now). I can just easily see a world where Ayo Dosunmu is an even better option on certain nights at the backup point guard position. Not only did he thrive at times in the role last year, but he’ll offer more Lonzo-like defense and transition skills.
  • Watch Johnson’s full interview with Kaplan below:
  • Time for a random Billy Donovan shoutout! The Athletic ranked DeMar DeRozan in the 25-32 range of their Top-125 list, and Seth Partnow shared in his write-up that last season was only the second time a DeRozan team has held a higher Net Rating with him on the floor than off the floor. I know that stat is partially concerning, but I think it also speaks to how well Donovan was able to put the right pieces on the floor to help DeRozan succeed.
  • If the Knicks land Mitchell … I’ll be annoyed.
  • Andre Drummond has a new number!
  • In case you’re dying to know, here are all the Bulls to have worn No. 3: Ennis Whatley, Sedale Threatt, Jo Jo English, Hersey Hawkins, Tyson Chandler, Ben Wallace, Omer Asik, Malcolm Thomas, Dougie McBuckets, Dwyane Wade, Kay Felder, Shaquille Harrison, Devon Dotson, and Tristan Thompson. What a weird group.
  • I would crush both of them in Mario Kart.
  • I can’t believe they caught this moment!
  • Get familiar with the competition:
  • Loved me some Johnny Knox.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.