It Took One Interview for Goran Dragic to Get Asked About *THAT* Dunk

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It Took One Interview for Goran Dragic to Get Asked About *THAT* Dunk

Chicago Bulls

Sporting a Chicago Bulls jersey for the first time on Monday, Goran Dragic couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room.

Long-time Bulls reporter Sam Smith ended Dragic’s inaugural Chicago interview by reminding the veteran point guard that his name already holds a place in franchise history. One of Derrick Rose’s most iconic dunks came on the head of the now-Bull back in 2010. Playing for the Phoenix Suns at the time, an inexperienced Dragic said he would have never jumped with the MVP now.

“This is my nightmare,” Dragic said when asked about the Rose highlight. “The funny thing is this is the only dunk that somebody dunked on me in my whole NBA career. It’s fine. I even talked to Derrick … I came to him and I said you had to do it like that?

You know, I was young. When was that? I was in my second year in the league. The first year I didn’t play much, so my second year I started to play a little bit. I had to go for that play. Of course, if I know now, I would never go. But it is what it is. At least I’m on TV all the time.”

In honor of Dragic being a good sport, I’ll encourage you to watch the highlight only 10 times today instead of the normal 40.

Seriously, though, shoutout to Smith for asking the vet about the famous moment and an even bigger shoutout to Dragic for playing nice. I’d say this was certainly the highlight of the Bulls’ Media Day so far.

You can watch the full moment between Dragic and Smith below:

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Author: Elias Schuster

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