Awkward: Brian Windhorst Talks About Trading Danny Green in Front of Danny Green

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Awkward: Brian Windhorst Talks About Trading Danny Green in Front of Danny Green

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Do you have no mercy, Brian!?

On Friday afternoon, long-time NBA Insider Brian Windhorst found himself talking about the Memphis Grizzlies live on ESPN. While reporting on what the No. 1 seed in the West might do to improve their roster in the coming months, he started to discuss some of the trade chips at the organization’s disposal. He specifically name-dropped Danny Green – who was traded to Memphis in the offseason after suffering a torn ACL in the playoffs with the 76ers – as one of these trade chips.

Totally normal, right? Sure … as long as we ignore the fact that Danny freakin’ Green was sitting less than a foot away from Windhorst!

That’s right, the Grizzlies’ forward joined the ESPN crew this afternoon, and he was planted right next to Windhorst as he reported on Green’s possible future with the team.

It’s a highly awkward moment you have to see to believe:

To Green’s credit, he didn’t seem to cringe as much as Windhorst’s other panel members. The NBA veteran simply said that trade rumors are a part of the business and provided the kind of mature response you’d expect:

“I’m not shocked. At this point in my career I hear my name quite often, but it’s a blessing,” Green said. “I think I’m in a good space. I’m getting closer to returning to the court soon. We still have a little bit of time. But we [the Grizzlies] have a good group. I’m excited, I’m happy for them … I think they want to see how they are with our team whole.”

In all fairness to Windhorst, too, Green has yet to even take the floor for the Grizzlies and whether or not they see him as anything more than an expiring contract is a real question. But, man, do you really need to hash all that out in front of the guy? How strange!

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Author: Elias Schuster

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