The President Will Speak With All Major Sports Commissioners Today (UPDATE)

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The President Will Speak With All Major Sports Commissioners Today (UPDATE)

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I think it says enough up front to note that I have absolutely no idea what this means, where it will go, and what the outcome – if any – could be.

President Donald Trump has entered the sports conversation:

I truly don’t even want to speculate about what the call could be. It could be mostly nothing. It could turn into an absolute disaster. It could turn into something positive. It could be a mere helpful check-in with the folks in charge of things that so many Americans care passionately about. With this administration, regardless of your inclinations, I think most can agree: you really just have no idea how things are going to proceed.

So I won’t speculate, and I will instead plan to monitor and update you all with whatever information we receive about the call, and then suss out the implications therefrom. In the meantime, if you haven’t read, check out MLB’s possible plan to open the season in empty Spring Training stadiums.

UPDATE: At least one commissioner is declining to comment at this time about what happened on the call:

UPDATE 2: Some details have started to come out about the President’s optimism on the return of sports.

Author: Brett Taylor

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