College Baseball Arrives, Value of Spring Training, Cubs Uniforms, and Other Cubs Bullets

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College Baseball Arrives, Value of Spring Training, Cubs Uniforms, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

I thought ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ was a really bizarre mix of a bunch of shows – and strangely titled – but, in the end, I really enjoyed it. Just some laid back Star-Wars-universe fun, in my opinion.

•   While we await the official announcement that Major League Spring Training, one of the hallmarks of arriving spring, has been delayed, another hallmark is here today: college baseball is back! The very first games of the year are today, with a couple D3 match-ups: Cal Lutheran against Piedmont, and Widener versus Kean. Nope, I don’t know a lick about any of those teams. But it’s the start!

•   Your more familiar teams in D1 get underway next Friday, and ESPN just announced their broadcast schedule. It’s a LOT, and with the Cubs picking 7th in the first round this year, we might have a lot of opportunities to actually watch draft candidates:

•   A good reminder for whenever Spring Training rolls around:

•   When it comes to established veterans, unless there is a physical/health issue, their results in Spring Training mean absolutely nothing. They are not predictive of anything. Again, unless it’s a question of health. For guys who are fighting for a spot and/or who are young and still trying to establish themselves, various studies have indicated there is a SLIGHT correlation between Spring Training performance and regular season results. So, on those types, you do pay a little more attention to how they’re looking and how they’re performing.

•   Keep all that in mind if and when we get a dramatically shortened Spring Training, too. I tend to think it’s going to hurt the unestablished guys most, because they have much less of a foundation for getting where they need to get more quickly.

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•   I haven’t been into a ton of the evergreen, lockout content in the baseball world, but I do enjoy this one from Joon Lee: the top 20 baseball uniforms of all-time. That is not to say I agree with his list, necessarily, but I do think it’s fun to look back at various teams’ jerseys from certain eras. The Cubs do show up on the list at number seven, though not for any particular period – for their classic pinstripe look in general:

What makes it so great: From the logo to the pinstripes, this is one of the classics. The Cubs have worn a variation of their current jersey since 1957. All the “lovable losers” who wore this uniform during the Cubs’ 108-year World Series title drought — and the players who wore it when finally winning it all in 2016 — makes it part of the fabric of baseball lore.

What today’s uniform designers could learn from it: A timeless logo goes a long way — especially if you can keep it fresh without losing its essence. The Cubs’ rounded C dates back to the turn of the last century, though after an angular iteration dominated for a few decades, a more modern version appeared in 1937. By 1979, it had slowly evolved into what we see today, with its thicker outlines. The home uniforms have gone through a handful of small tweaks throughout the Cubs’ history, but the logo persists as the constant that makes these memorable.

•   Totally agree with all of that, which is why a version of the classic pinstripe with the rounded C logo should and will always be a primary part of the rotation. But, like I’ve said before, I do want to see more throwbacks incorporated on a semi-regular basis. The Cubs have some absolutely fantastic looks from early in the 20th century and they need to use them!

•   Speaking of classic Cubs looks:

•   And speaking of seeing guys in Cubs uniforms:

•   The NBA Trade Deadline is this afternoon, and the Chicago Bulls are in kind of a weird spot, having played so well this year, but also having relatively little trade capital AND a slew of injuries that they need to cover (but who are also expected back late in the year). It’s just kind of a mixed bag of inputs, and I’m really curious to see what they do today, if anything. Follow along if you’re into it – our Bulls coverage is here.

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