Aaron Rodgers’ Career In Green Bay Coming To A Close

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Aaron Rodgers’ Career In Green Bay Coming To A Close

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After much speculation, the man himself declared this morning on The Pat McAfee Show that he wants to play for the Jets. Aaron Rodgers’ career in Green Bay is coming to an end.

Aaron Rodgers’ career began as unceremoniously as possible. Once considered the top QB prospect, he had to watch as Alex Smith got drafted by his beloved 49ers in 2005 the 1st overall selection. It wasn’t until pick #24 that the Green Bay Packers decided to draft Brett Favre’s successor.

Aaron Rodgers is close to history

Unlike in today’s NFL, there was no rush to get Rodgers onto the field. Aaron sat behind Favre for the first 3 years of his career. Appearing in just 7 total games over that stretch. From the moment he took over in the 2008 season, it was clear the Packers had themselves a potential superstar. 

During his 18 seasons with the Packers, Rodgers accrued 59,055 passing yards, 475 passing TDs, and won 4 MVP trophies. He led Green Bay to 10 playoff appearances and won Super Bowl XLV.

Needless to say, Aaron had a Hall of Fame career in Green Bay but sometimes good things come to an end.

By extending his career, Rodgers can move up the all-time leaderboard in a few categories. He’s currently 2,306 yards from passing Dan Marino for 8th. And an attainable 4,385 yards from Philip Rivers for 6th all-time.

One statistic he might be more inclined to shoot for is passing touchdowns. It was no secret that he and Packers legend Brett Favre had their differences. They were and still are a divisive topic among Packers fans as well. Fortunately for Rodgers supporters, they can get more ammo in 2023. Aaron is 34 touchdowns from passing Favre for 4th on the all-time list.

The last couple of seasons have proven that Rodgers still has it. And like Tom Brady last year, he just isn’t ready to call it quits. The Jets have a young and very talented roster that combined with Rodgers, can potentially compete for a title.

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