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Khris Davis Made Contact on a Pitch That Missed a Seagull By Inches!

Funny and Happy, Wild and Crazy

Back on March 24th, we celebrated noted the 16-year-anniversary of Randy Johnson literally exploding a bird with one of his pitches.


And after some comments from bird experts, we even allowed ourselves a good laugh about the unique absurdity of such an occurrence (I mean, let’s be real here, that was freakin’ hilarious and we all know it).

Here’s that article, in case you’re interested:

But never would I have expected, just four months later, an almost identical event reoccurring on the baseball diamond.

Watch as Oakland A’s outfielder Khris Davis makes contact with a pitch that misses a seagull by just inches:

Despite being a much larger target, this seagull narrowly escapes death by explosion (there’s something I didn’t plan on typing today). 

And if you don’t think Davis getting wood on that ball is too impressive, consider that umpires usually force opposing starters to cut their (long, undershirt) white sleeves off, because they can be too distracting for batters.

Meanwhile, Davis is up there battling against the distraction of a three-foot wide, white, flying animal. How weird … and talented?



Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.