Obsessive QB Watch: Newton a "Great Option" for Nagy, Hurts Mocked to Bears, Kaepernick Odds, More

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Obsessive QB Watch: Newton a “Great Option” for Nagy, Hurts Mocked to Bears, Kaepernick Odds, More

Chicago Bears

Between the must-read of the year (on what led to the Bears drafting Mitch Trubisky), and his general issues all season long, we’ve become a little quarterback crazy around these parts. But, hey, it’s fun and super-duper crucial to get right, so let’s stick with it.

Here are some of the latest rumors, analysis, draft projections, and more when it comes to the most important position on the field.

  • The Cam Newton buzz has been building in the days since reports surfaced that he’d “welcome” a trade to the Bears, should they be in the market for a quarterback this offseason. And if it goes down, one NFL analyst believes a match between Newton and Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy would be ideal: “I’d love to see Cam Newton in Chicago,” writes NFL media analyst/ex-quarterback David Carr in a piece at the league’s website. “He’s a great option for what Matt Nagy wants to do offensively as a more dynamic runner (once that foot is healed) and passer.”
  • Newton isn’t known for his passing prowess, but the guy can sling it. And as he gets older, he probably won’t be as reliant on the running aspect of his game — though that doesn’t mean it won’t be a weapon for him moving forward. Between Newton’s athleticism, drive, and swagger, it is hard not to get enamored with the possibility of him landing in Chicago. And Carr’s opinion that Newton is an ideal fit for what Nagy wants to do only adds fuel to the fire.

  • You’ll want to read more from Carr, who has #thoughts about the Bears’ quarterbacking situation. Carr chimes in on the idea of (1) Chase Daniel outplaying Trubisky, (2) Marcus Mariota as an alternative fit (despite his similarities with Trubisky), and (3) where Trubisky will be in 2020.
  • What the Bears do (or don’t do) via trade or free agency could impact how they target a quarterback in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. You can say what you want about Trubisky, Newton, Daniel, Mariota, or any number of other quarterbacks … and you better believe I’ve seen your comments on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. But it is an undeniable fact that the quarterback room needs to be re-shaped this coming offseason. Rising salaries elsewhere on the roster mean the Bears can’t afford to put too much salary cap space into the quarterbacking position. That means the draft is the best place to go for young, cap-friendly talent with upside.
  • In Draft Wire’s most recent mock of the 2020 NFL Draft, Oklahoma’s Jalen Hurts is the pick for the Bears with the 45th overall selection. The Bears using the first of their two second-round picks isn’t the craziest idea, even if they have needs at other positions. There is no spot on the field more important than quarterback, so targeting a player with high-end arm talent and quality athleticism who was a winner at the college level should be something the Bears crave — whether it is as a starting option or developmental type who can step in as a backup right away in case things go south.
  • Talking about Hurts will pull some interesting perspectives from fans and analysts, but the Sooners standout has already been pegged as the anti-Trubisky. That says … something.
  • Elsewhere in draft land, Pro Football Focus just released an update for its 2020 draft big board, which features seven (7!!!) quarterbacks among the top-100. Four of those quarterbacks are ranked in spots where it is conceivable they can be drafted by the Bears. Sorry friends, Tua Tagovailoa, Joe Burrows, and Justin Herbert aren’t among those prospects. HOWEVER, Jake Fromm (Georgia) comes in at 35, Jacob Eason (Washington) checks in at 41, Jordan Love (Utah State) pops up at 59, and Jamie Newman (Wake Forest) slides in at 66. We have talked about Love as a possible fit and Newman as someone with sleeper potential. I’m surprised Hurts doesn’t make the cut here, but there is still time to get into the mix. And since quarterbacks always tend to rise up charts as we approach draft day, some of the names, rankings, and projections to change multiple times between now and April.
  • Wagering service Sports Betting Dime has Colin Kaepernick signing with the Bears at 10/1, per Arthur Arkush of Pro Football Weekly. The only teams above the Bears are the Lions (5/1) and Colts (7/1), while the Steelers (also 10/1) are tied with the Bears. Sports Betting Dime fancies itself as providing “expert picks and unique odds on sports and entertainment” … which is a pretty neat niche. But still … this number doesn’t feel right (and I can’t quite put my finger on as to why).
  • The more time I spend thinking about the Kaepernick workout, the more questions I have. The league has yet to publicly specify time and place for the showcase event, which would explain why coaches still aren’t in a place to comment about if their respective teams will be represented. And who is going to be available for teams to watch him in Atlanta? We’re still in the heart of college scouting season, so I can’t imagine teams are re-directing their top amateur scouts to Atlanta to see Kaepernick. And since we’re still in the guts of the NFL season, pro scouting directors and top scouts are likely going to be doing advance scouting for future opponents. So who does that leave to watch Kaepernick?
  • There is something about the timing of this thing that feels off.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.