Tag Time, the Brady Effect, Proving Combine Doubters Wrong, and Other Bears Bullets

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Tag Time, the Brady Effect, Proving Combine Doubters Wrong, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

It’s that time of year when I get deep into reflection as I search for inner peace. And while I’m familiar with the process, there is something about this year that feels different than the past. Perhaps this is the year I get into yoga to further enhance my journey toward finding happiness.

  • Today is the first day in which NFL teams can place the Franchise and/or Transition tags on their own players. And while the Bears don’t have anyone who it would make sense to apply the tag to this offseason, we’ll continue to keep up with who gets it around the league.
  • With Tag Day coming without the NFL and NFLPA agreeing on a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league will operate under rules of the current CBA that runs through the end of the 2020 league year. That means teams can use both types of tags. This is big news for a team like the Cowboys, who could conceivably give the Franchise tag to quarterback Dak Prescott ***AND*** the Transition tag for receiver Amari Cooper.
  • For more on the different types of tags, you can visit this post we did in 2018 and how it related to Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller for practical application.
  • The tagging has already begun:

  • I never had any illusions that the Bears would have an interest in Chris Jones, who is going to receive a very lucrative contract. But because this position runs deep in the free agent market and the Bears could possibly look to add a starter or even some quality depth to that rotation, I wanted to keep an eye on what happened with him. And now we know.
  • A new CBA could have wide-ranging effects on things that might otherwise be afterthoughts — such as the compensatory draft pick formula:

  • Once this CBA is ironed out, I have a feeling there are going to be some significant changes to things as we know them.
  • Wait a minute … so, who’s got next?

  • I’d hate to be the guy who made this assessment:


  • Look … I understand if it’s hard to get a grip on Brady playing in another uniform. But if Joe Montana can play for the Chiefs, Brett Favre can wear Vikings and Jets uniforms, and Jerry Rice can take snaps with the Seahawks … anything is possible.
  • I’ll take some time to read this later. You should, too:

  • Wait … you can do that?

Author: Luis Medina

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