HBD Punky QB, Re-living Fields' Best Throws, Roquan's Not Disgruntled? And Other Bears Bullets

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HBD Punky QB, Re-living Fields’ Best Throws, Roquan’s Not Disgruntled? And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

I had a bowl of TRIX cereal for breakfast, and it really took me back to a simpler time in life. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I would encourage you to find your favorite childhood cereal and grab a bowl next weekend. Maybe throw on your favorite cartoons just to get the full experience.

  • The quick and dirty: Roquan Smith is still a member of the Bears. And while he has yet to receive the type of contract extension he desires, Smith will give it his all for however long he is with the team.
  • A tale of two tweets:
  • Roquan Smith sure seems disgruntled about the state of his contract talks. Otherwise, why would he use the word “distasteful” to describe the negotiation process? I suppose if Smith can separate the business end from the on-field stuff, then I have no doubts he’ll be ballin’ this season.
  • It’s a shame that it got to this point. But I can understand how both sides being set on their numbers and not wanting to budge. Then again, I feel as if the Bears can afford to budge if you consider they’ll be in the range of having $100 million in available cap space to use starting next offseason. But on the other hand, maybe Smith doesn’t have to draw such a hard line on his number. Negotiations offer up opportunities for two sides to meet in the middle. That these two parties haven’t gotten to that point bugs me. And I don’t imagine I’m alone in feeling this way.
  • From a fan perspective, we’ve seen Roquan grow with this team (performing admirably while doing so). And his past performance merits an extension that would make him the face of the defensive side of the ball. Simply put, fans want to see their favorite teams draft players, develop them, and keep the best ones for as long as possible. That is how fanbases are built — through long-term connections to well-performing players (and teams, once you get enough of those players). Seeing it through this lens frustrates me that much more.
  • I don’t know if we’ll see Roquan Smith suit up on Saturday, but his defensive coordinator would be on board with it:
  • Found some good news on the injury front:
  • There were positive reports from on-the-field-things from the beat during the final training camp practice of the summer:
  • Everything but that Dazz Newsome drop is something I’d put in the “encouraging news” folder.
  • I’m still miffed about two weekend practices getting banged by weather. If it’s any consolation, the Bears made training camp tweaks after getting feedback from fans last year. And I would say this year’s experience was better than what we dealt with in 2021. So perhaps more feedback this year will help the Bears craft a better training camp in 2023. Your voice matters if you get around to using it.
  • What’s funny about this is that we’ve seen Justin Fields make this throw. But actually complete it:
  • No need to use your imagination, amigo. We’ve already lived it. Multiple times. In regular season games. Against teams that made the postseason last year:
  • The punkiest QB we’ve ever known is celebrating a birthday today:
  • It’s been an U-G-L-Y preseason for Kellen Mond, with this interception representing a special brand of bad:
  • Mond’s line vs. the Niners: 10/20, 82 yards (4.1 Y/A is icky), 0 TD, 2 INT, and a 21.3 passer rating. That brings his preseason totals to 19/34, 201 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT, and a 68.4 rating. Perhaps this could explain why the Vikings were insisting on keeping Kirk Cousins around. Although, this appears to be the draft to tank for a quarterback. But maybe that wasn’t something the team was ready to do.
  • The Masked Singer is done filming already?
  • The defending WNBA champion Chicago Sky are the hottest thing smoking on the city’s sports scene:
  • Absolutely WILD:
  • Wait … WHAT!?
  • Here’s what today’s Cubs lineup looks like as they go for a sweep of a Brewers team hunting for a playoff spot:

Author: Luis Medina

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