Carving Out a Role for Coby White and Other Bulls Bullets

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Carving Out a Role for Coby White and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Hello from Nashville.

As the city lights twinkled in the distance, I suffered a tingly sensation. I looked down to find cowboy boots on my feet, followed by weird newfound confidence in my singing voice. As the city grew closer, so did the sound of Dolly Parton’s Jolene. I reached the pinnacle of inspiration. I was ready to become the next great country star. Long live the Music City.

Nah, just kidding, I was wearing my Adidas and ready to take a nap. I’ve never been here, but it seems cool. I’ll report back.

  • Former Chicago Tribune Bulls beat reporter K.C. Johnson started his new gig with NBC Sports Chicago the right way, with a mailbag and podcast appearance. I’m assuming plenty of you folks already know what Johnson is all about, but if you want to learn a little more about his background and credentials, give the podcast a listen:

  • Toward the end of the show, Johnson also shares some insight on this current Bulls roster and shares how he expects Coby White to be used at the beginning of the season. The expectation is for White to be in line to get 20-24 minutes per game, which would mean the rookie point guard clocking his fair share of time off the ball to start. As it stands, the vibe seems to be the Bulls are willing to give White a “longer leash” due to his athletic skill set. Funny enough, that is similar to something I wrote back in July: “If the rookie begins to struggle, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bulls choose to limit his action on the court early-on. With that being said, I also believe White’s leash could be a bit longer due to the pace and style of play he brings to the court.” Hey, you don’t draft a guy with the No. 7 pick to be a benchwarmer.
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  • Speaking of No. 7-overall draft picks, this is what one of them did last season:

  • Wendell Carter Jr. earned the award for fourth-best blocked dunk last season. I know it’s specific, but I’ll take it!
  • Carter embarrassed Russell Westbrook on this perfectly timed, monster block. For starters, I love this confidence from a rookie center. I’d be terrified for my life to get in front of a hard-driving Westbrook, but I guess that’s why he’s in the NBA and I’m in the WABA (Writing About Basketball Association). Further, a block like this is an example of why he is going to be a serious problem for opposing teams. Carter may have plenty to work on offensively, but he’s already got the tools to quickly become one of the league’s most elite rim-protectors. Oof, now I’m all excited for Wendell swats! *Googles “Wendell Carter Jr. highlights” instead of doing work*
  • Let’s make a deal: Let’s not do the thing where we get angry at the headline without reading:

  • Posing this hypothetical isn’t to say we condone starting Dunn opening night. HOWEVER, it is to say we might have to consider it as a possibility. The point guard situation remains the biggest storyline heading into training camp, and we have no clue what kind of shenanigans this coaching staff will pull. Simply put, I want Tomas Satoransky starting from the jump, but I also expect the Bulls to showcase Dunn to try and increase his trade value. Striking that balance could be difficult, but let’s see how it plays out.
  • Coby White says he’s looking to rack up the assists and get everyone involved.

  • You love to hear it!
  • “The names Finnisher … The Finnisher.”

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  • Obviously, the Packers lost last night because the Bulls’ own Ryan Arcidiacono was in attendance.

Author: Elias Schuster

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