Time for Satoransky To Step Up, White Needs More, Get Those Boards, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Time for Satoransky To Step Up, White Needs More, Get Those Boards, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

My coffee tastes extra bitter this morning.

  • The folks on the Bulls Talk Podcast sound just as deflated as the rest of us. Watching the Bulls blow an 18-point lead was like watching your nephew’s 6th-grade performance of Annie. It’s all cute at the beginning, but then you remember there are two whole hours of this. Hey, at least the sun will come out, tomorrow. 

  • As the Bulls Talk crew makes sure to remind us, you can’t call any of the first four games in an NBA season “must-wins.” But … this next Cleveland Cavaliers game sure feels like one.
  • The Bulls were out-rebounded last night for the third consecutive game (44-74, yuck). New York pulled down 25 offensive rebounds to Chicago’s eight. Heading into Cleveland, the Cavaliers are currently the ninth-best rebounding team in the NBA … the Bulls are 24th. I shared yesterday in the weekly preview that the Bulls’ need to control Kevin Love greatly worries me. Now, it worries me even more.
  • Also, the Bulls Talk Podcast had a brief conversation on the continued poor execution of Tomas Satoransky. I’ve been high on the guy since day one, and I’m not turning back yet, but he needs to step up soon. As Will Perdue mentions, Satoransky is supposed to be the player who makes LaVine and Markkanen better. He’s supposed to be the one who helps the Bulls space the floor. While he’s managed to do that at times, he’s failed to do it consistently, especially in the game’s biggest possessions. Instead, we’ve seen Zach LaVine as the team’s primary ball-handler, and the offense comes to a screeching halt. Someone needs to tell this team *ahem Jim Boylen* to stick to the game plan. As much as Satoransky’s job is to pass the ball, he can’t become passive when crunch time comes around.
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  • The last point I’ll take from this podcast: Why are Thaddeus Young and Otto Porter captains? At first, I didn’t think twice. Both these guys are the team’s veteran leaders, but Perdue and Kendall Gill both shared their dismay, and rightfully so. The team voted for their captains, and it’s not Zach LaVine or Lauri Markkanen. Both guys mention that with it being Markkanen’s third year, it’s understandable, but LaVine is in his sixth NBA season and apparently the team’s “guy.” How can this be the case when the team doesn’t name you captain?
  • Satoransky can shoot threes, but Dunn needs to stop. Last night, Dunn had several horrible offensive possessions (1-6). Someone, please let him know that’s not why he’s on the court.

  • All right, here’s the one GOOD thing about the Knicks game. Wendell Carter Jr. dropped 20 points with 10 rebounds and three blocks. Against a Knicks team stuffed with big men, Carter Jr. stood out among them all (except Bobby Portis, but whatever). He was one of the few Bulls players who looked aggressive and consistent.

  • If we’re being honest, the game plan should have been to feed him the ball on repeat at the end of the game (7-9 from the field). However, after Carter Jr. entered the game with 4:19 left, he only recorded one assist and didn’t get a single shot up.
  • My friend Adam sums up these Bulls struggle well.

  • At least we got these cool snapshots from last night. The LaVine dunking one is incredible.


  • I can’t repeat this enough, Coby White CAN NOT play the same amount of minutes as Ryan Arcidiacono. He gives you a big play and scoring element that’s desperately needed in a game like this. He literally dropped 11 points in a tight game with Memphis in the 4th quarter, he was out of the final 10:18 of this game.


  • NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson joined Howard Beck on The Full 48 podcast. If you want a positive take on the Bulls, I recommend giving it a listen. Keep in mind, it was recorded before the Knicks game.

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