Jordan on Kobe, Last Game at the UC, Paying Tribute on the Court, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Jordan on Kobe, Last Game at the UC, Paying Tribute on the Court, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Full thoughts on Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing right here.

  • The GOAT talks about losing his “little brother.”

  • K.C. Johnson shared this great video from Bryant’s last game in Chicago. He talks about the impact Jordan had on his game and his mindset as he moved into NBA superstardom. What he says at the very end is hard to ignore now in retrospect: “So if I was fortunate enough to come here … it’s not a pressure situation to live up to what he’s done. It’s more like can I carry on this man’s legacy, can I do it justice?” I know this may already be the case, but that same question will be asked by every player to put on a Lakers uniform moving forward.

  • While I still feel as though the NBA should have worked harder to cancel last night’s game, I love the recognition each team gave at the start of last night’s game. Beginning with a 24-second violation, followed by an 8-second call felt like the proper way to pay respect on the court. Hopefully, the Chicago Bulls, along with all other NBA teams that didn’t play yesterday, will proceed with the same act last this evening.

  • To take your mind off some of the tragic news, I recommend giving a listen to the latest Bulls Talk Podcast. In the second episode of the team’s 90s Bulls series, Jason Goff speaks with Will Perdue about his time playing alongside MJ, and Perdue shares a story about a fan asking for Jordan’s autograph in a bit of an awkward situation (Spoiler Alert: It was while he was in a bathroom stall). Give it a listen!

  • Really, Bulls? I can’t help but watch the latest episode of the Run With Us web series with a bit of irony. For practically half the episode, the Bulls focus on Denzel Valentine and include clips of him praising GarPax for their help in his recovery efforts. Yet, this organization has basically refused to play him on a nightly basis.

  • The actual interesting part of the episode comes in the middle when talking about two-way guard Adam Mokoka. I’ll admit, I think this kid has got a chance. I got to see him up close a couple of weeks back when I took in a Windy City Bulls game court-side, and he was by far the most complete player on the court. Of course, he’ll need to eventually prove he can do it against NBA talent. With how this Bulls season is going, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get his chance as the weeks go by.
  • Chicago All-Star gear is out!

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.