"I'm Back" Doc Airing Tonight! Why Do NBA Players Get Tested More Often? Coby White Can DUNK, and Other Bulls Bullets

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“I’m Back” Doc Airing Tonight! Why Do NBA Players Get Tested More Often? Coby White Can DUNK, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’ll use this intro to remind everyone to go check out our BN Bears content! Most of the sports world is on a hiatus, but the NFL offseason is still going strong, and Lu has been pumping out some great content to keep all of us up-to-date!  Woohoo!

Okay, Bulls bullets.

  • On this day 25 years ago, Michael Jordan returned with two magic words:

  • How is this not a national holiday!? Jordan made the entire sports world stop on March 18th, 1995 when he shared two simple words: “I’m Back.” His Airness returned to claim his throne, and one day later, he returned to the court to play 43 minutes and hike up 28 shots (he scored 19 points). Unfortunately, the Bulls walked off the court with a seven-point loss to the Indiana Pacers, but who really cared? THE GOAT WAS BACK!
  • The Bulls went on to the playoffs and lost to the Orlando Magic, but one year later, they would go on to reclaim the title as World Champions. NBC Sports Chicago has decided to help fill this NBA void by re-airing a bunch of games from that season’s title run. The network will tip things off tonight with Game 1 of the 1996 Eastern Conference First Round against the Miami Heat! Check out a full list of upcoming Chicago Classics here.
  • Oh, and before the game tonight, the network will also air the “I’m Back” documentary! (I also recommend reading Jack Silverstein’s article about the 45 days leading up to Jordan’s great return).

  • In case those throwback games aren’t enough for you, I’m also planning to re-live some of the most exciting 14 games in Bulls history over the next month! Later today we’ll take a look at Nate Robinson’s HUGE performance against the Brooklyn Nets back in 2013.

  • Yup, I’m very jealous of South Korea.

  • Yesterday, it was announced that four Brooklyn Nets players have tested positive for the coronavirus, including 2x NBA Champion Kevin Durant. Seven total players in the NBA have now had the virus out of the dozens tested. While, of course, it’s important to test all of these players who have been in very close contact with one another, these NBA teams are proving to test their players far faster than the general public. Many have pointed this out over social media, and it’s presented quite a heated debate. SBNation decided to dip their toe in the water, and Ricky O’Donnell broke down whether this is understandable or completely unfair (Spoiler Alert: It’s a bit of both). Turns out they are getting tested at uniquely high rates, but it’s not just because they’re rich and famous (though that is absolutely part of it). NBA Players are also considered super-spreaders at higher risk to infect more people than the average human and when they get tested, they’re able to draw more attention to the pandemic – in a good way. There’s more to it than that – like I said, it’s a bit of both – so check O’Donnell’s post out.
  • The Athletic’s Darnell Mayberry walked us through this mess of a season, and while reading it all, I couldn’t help but think about this post I wrote yesterday. Circumstances aside, the Reinsdorfs must use this break to create a clear plan for the future. When the league resumes, the Bulls’ new front office structure should be crystal clear.

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