LaVine's 2K Rating, the Veteran Spark in Chicago, Shaq's Awkward Comment, and Other Bulls Bullets

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LaVine’s 2K Rating, the Veteran Spark in Chicago, Shaq’s Awkward Comment, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Last night, I had the scariest dream I’ve ever had. There is no use going into detail (mainly because I don’t want to relive it). All you need to know is that the brain and I are not on speaking terms right now. He needs to make it up to me later tonight with the greatest god damn dream he’s ever made. Maybe dinner with Jordan while hanging out with a bunch of alpacas. That sounds fun and calming.

•   Closer.

•   If we’re being honest, this is probably where LaVine should have started the season (previously 85). Better late than never, I guess. I’m sure a bump in 2K stock isn’t exactly the respect LaVine is on the hunt for this season, but I will say it could play a slightly bigger role than he thinks. With how greatly the game is embedded into NBA culture nowadays, a jump in rating could signify to fans across the league that LaVine is putting together something special. I mean, the Bulls new style of play is already giving more fans a reason to watch this season, but if LaVine continues to rattle off these 30-point/7-assist performances, he will be considered must-watch League Pass viewing.

•   Come for Zach LaVine and Lauri Markkanen, stay for Thaddeus Young and Garrett Temple (I should get that printed on a sign and hang it on my front door). We have talked a lot about the Bulls veterans recently, and rightfully so. Both Young and Temple have given this team an unbelievable spark off the bench this season, and each has played their own instrumental role in the team’s increasingly efficient offense. In fact, they have both performed so well that ESPN’s Zach Lowe gave the vet-duo a shoutout in his most recent “Ten NBA Things I Like and Don’t Like …” column. The NBA analyst pointed out Temple’s career-high 3-point stroke (43 percent), and Young’s almost unstoppable touch from floater range (62 percent on floaters this season). If we’re being honest, both could probably give any team in the league some quality starting minutes right now, and that’s why Lowe made sure to end his section on the veterans with the following comments: “Contenders should be watching both.”

•   I’m incredibly interested to see how often the Bulls name comes up in trade talks over the next couple of months. While Temple and Young are helping this team big-time right now, one has to wonder whether or not that would prevent Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley from moving either. In other words, what if the Bulls have a comfortable shot at a play-in tournament spot? Would Karnisovas want to keep either around for that run, or would he look to take immediate advantage of their rising stock? My guess is still the latter, but it will also depend heavily on the proposed trade return. We don’t quite know yet how the trade market will look, so we don’t quite know how desperate some teams will be for a savvy vet.

•   Speaking of Thaddeus Young, that man is making business moves! Very cool.

•   My pals do a fun Bulls podcast. Give it a listen!

•   Yo, this was awkward as hell. Old stars shouldn’t feel the need to challenge new stars.

•   RIP to an absolute legend.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.