Bulls Change Sunday Start Time, Caruso's Breakout, More Cases in the East, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Bulls Change Sunday Start Time, Caruso’s Breakout, More Cases in the East, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

This morning, the significant other made a very good point: “I don’t want to eat a brat in front of all my co-workers.”

She has a holiday work event this afternoon, and they are apparently supplying brats as the lunch option. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a brat. I’ve enjoyed my fair share, as has she. But would I be able to fully experience the joy of brat-eating in a work environment? No. No, I would not.

Brats can be juicy, messy, and require optimal mouth movement. You need to sometimes bend your head in a weird way to get the best bite and sometimes you go for that best brat bite only to have a half piece of meat dangling from your mouth. This is why brats are the perfect tailgating food. You already look like a doofus bundled up in five layers before a Bears game or four beers in at Wrigley Field. You’re also normally with a bunch of friends who have seen you devour this food in the past. But work? Don’t make me try to look like a put-together human being while eating a brat.

Anyway, her saying this made me think about all those press conferences I attended while covering the Illini. The team would always serve lunch ahead of Monday football media availability, and I now very much appreciate them choosing safe-for-work foods. No corn on the cob or slurpy soup or chicken wings or ribs. Thanks, guys.

•   The NBA has moved Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers from 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT. After officially postponing tonight’s matchup with the Pistons and Thursday’s meeting in Toronto, this decision to give the team a couple of extra hours makes sense.

•   Sure, I know 4.5 hours is not going to change who is available for this single game, but it could help with preparation. My guess is the team will not hold normal practices and film studies this week as they try to give everyone a handful of days off to control the spread and regain health. Sunday morning can then be used for a much-needed morning shootaround and walk-through. It isn’t going to make some grand difference, but I’m not going to complain about a little tip-off pushback. Bulls simply need as much time as they can get right now.

•   Bleacher Report put together a list of the most improved players on each NBA team, and Alex Caruso got the nod for the Chicago Bulls. As happy as I am to see some AC love, I do have to question whether or not this is an accurate label. Caruso has shown his immense value this season, leading the league in steals per game as the anchor to the Bulls’ 7th-ranked defense. But is this an improved Caruso or just an unleashed Caruso?

•   Chicago has allowed the 27-year-old to carry significantly more responsibility than he did in Los Angeles. This front office saw he was capable of being more than just an on-ball pest, making him a defensive leader and allowing him to run far more action on the offensive end. His 4.1 assists are a career-high, and his 8.4 points per game are his most since the 2018-19 season where he appeared in just 25 games. But his assist percentage is practically the exact same as last season, and his effective field goal percentage is only less than a percentage point higher. What he’s doing as a pocket-picker and deflections hound is elevated, but it also isn’t shocking knowing he has been one of the better POA defenders in recent years. All I’m saying is that, while we can surely call Caruso improved, it feels like this level of play has been locked inside him for the past couple of years, and the Bulls have merely given him more opportunity to show us that.

•   Adrian Wojnarowski explained yesterday what went into the NBA’s decision to pause the Bulls season. The sheer quality of talent lost seemed to play a role.

•   Something tells me the Bulls will not be the last team to see a game postponed this season. The NBA could have a problem on its hands.

•   Since the Bulls don’t play tonight, you can just watch this on repeat.

•   What did the Carver College head coach even say in the locker room after the game? “Well … damn.” 

•   A bright spot for the Bears:

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.