Darvish Solid, Montgomery Sets a New Season High, Random Fun, and Other Bullets

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Darvish Solid, Montgomery Sets a New Season High, Random Fun, and Other Bullets

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I’ll admit that I’m a bit distracted today for personal reasons. I can’t – and don’t really want to, anyway – take time away from here, because doing the work of BN provides a kind of steadying, comforting presence. So, apologies for any lapses you notice, and thanks for your continued support and for reading our stuff.

  • Doctors reportedly expect a full recovery for David Ortiz after he was transported to Boston following the shooting in the Dominican Republic. Marly Rivera reports he even flashed a smile.
  • Good start for Yu Darvish last night – with park factors being what they are, giving up 4 runs in 6.0 innings at Coors Field is like giving up 2.8 runs in 6.0 innings at Wrigley Field (which would be really bizarre). I also think this is a fair point:

  • That was also the second time this year Darvish has had a walk-less start (that’s what you want at Coors Field). In fact, since his no-walk outing on May 15, Darvish’s walk rate has been a mere 7.3%. Good things are happening right now for him, and I am probably as optimistic as I’ve been about his near-term future with the Cubs since, like, his fourth start last year.
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  • Mike Montgomery gave up a mammoth shot to Ian Desmond last night. At 486 feet, it was the longest homer in MLB this season, topping … the 482-foot shot Montgomery allowed to Nomar Mazara in the first series of the year. It is a special skill, it seems.


  • On a positive note, Montgomery still has a 2.77 ERA over the past month (i.e., since returning from his early season Injured List stay).
  • LOL owned:

  • Another huge game for infielder Robel Garcia at AAA last night, with three hits, a walk, a double, and a homer. I truly don’t know what to make of this 26-year-old former Indians prospect who went to Italy to play and was then discovered by the Cubs. He’s hitting the piss out of the ball and has a .301/.373/.619 line at AAA, but he’s striking out 34.9% of the time, has a BABIP over .400, and his homering on 43.5% of his fly balls(!). Again, he’s smoking the ball, so you’ll see weird numbers like that sometimes, but how could that kind of swing and miss and over-reliance on fly balls leaving the park play at the big league level? There isn’t really a spot for him right now anyway, and the Cubs can retain him next year, at a minimum, by putting him on the 40-man roster. So it’s not an imminent issue unless the Cubs think he could contribute right now. In the meantime, I’m just perplexed in a fun way.
  • Also fun:

  • It is SO WEIRD how teams aren’t willing to give the Pirates the benefit of the doubt when it comes to a HBP. Almost like they’ve cultivated a reputation for repeatedly throwing at guys for stupid reasons and now people presume intent … so weird how that works:

  • Michael is just the right kind of weird to cheer me up:


  • Man – this is just so awesome. Constantly impressed by this guy’s hard work (Joe is just a dude with a dream and he’s been busting his butt ever since), and privileged to be partner with Obvious Shirts:

Author: Brett Taylor

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