Big Week on the Managerial Circuit, Big Day in the LDS, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Big Week on the Managerial Circuit, Big Day in the LDS, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Although the first week after the regular season felt like a bit of a respite given how frustrating and terrible things had gotten, I now wish I could watch a Cubs game today. I mean, obviously, since it would be the postseason, but I mean more generally than that. I suppose I’m saying it’s the first day after the season when I feel like, “Sigh, no Cubs baseball to fill up my sports cup today.”

  • That’s just a formality, right? I mean, the Angels are just putting on the show, right?
  • It’ll be really interesting to see if and when the first team with an opening pulls the trigger on a hiring, even if it means they never got a chance to talk to anyone with one of the playoff teams.
  • It could also be a big day for the postseason, with all four LDS match-ups possibly over by the end of the day. The Braves are up 2-1 on the Cardinals, the Dodgers are up 2-1 on the Nationals, the Astros are up 2-0 on the Rays, and the Yankees are up 2-0 on the Twins. I reckon MLB would be pretty bummed if all those series end today, or even two of the four.
  • If the Cardinals wind up losing this series to Atlanta, much less if it comes by way of another blown save, the fans are going to turn hard on Carlos Martinez this offseason:

  • Martinez, who only just turned 28, was exclusively a reliever this year after dealing with shoulder issues, and he was a dang good one: 3.17 ERA, 2.86 FIP, 56.5% groundball rate, 0.37 HR/9. That bullpen could have totally fallen apart after Jordan Hicks went down, so Martinez deserves more love from Cardinals fans than it seems like he’s going to get. (Insert joke about respect.) The Cardinals have Martinez under contract for two more seasons at $11.7 million, and then they have team options for 2022 ($17 million) and 2023 ($18 million).
  • Also:

  • Meanwhile, Martinez’s blown save ruined Adam Wainwright’s excellent start, though it doesn’t sound like he’s thinking he’s done in the big leagues:

  • Overall, Wainwright was a league average pitcher this year for the Cardinals, which is always useful. He’ll pitch next year at 38, so if the Cardinals bring him back, you can figure it’ll be on a cheap deal.
  • One more on the loss:

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