I Made a Complete List of All the 2023 NFL Primetime Games Just for You

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I Made a Complete List of All the 2023 NFL Primetime Games Just for You


This one is pretty straightforward, friends. This is your complete list of the NFL’s primetime games in 2023. That includes the season opener, the international games, the holiday games, and the complete Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football schedules.

2023 NFL Season Opener

The Lions will head to Arrowhead for the first time in two decades on September 7 to kick off the NFL season. As I said yesterday, this is an excellent job by the schedule makers to get the defending champions and an up-and-comer together.

Super Bowl champs, a team on the rise, both conferences, a historic stadium with a fierce crowd — this one has all the makings of a thriller to start the 2023 season.

2023 NFL International Games Schedule

The London Jaguars. Err, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Maybe the soon-to-be dual-citizenship Jaguars? Trevor Lawrence and the Jags will play across the pond twice this season. The Jaguars will take on the Falcons and Bills at Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The Ravens will “host” the Titans on October 15 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to round out the NFL’s trio of London games this season.

On November 5, the International Games shift to Germany as the Dolphins and Chiefs square off in a Week 9 matchup at Frankfurt Stadium. That’s a home game for the Chiefs this time around. For a while, the Bears were rumored to be the Chiefs’ opponent in Germany this season. Instead, it will be the Dolphins, and the Bears and Chiefs will meet at Arrowhead Stadium at some point this season. 

Last but not least, the Colts and Patriots will meet at Frankfurt Stadium in Germany in Week 10 (November 12). That will be the final game of the 2023 international series. There will be no international game in Mexico in 2023 due to renovations at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

2023 NFL Holiday Games Schedules

Good food, tasty drinks, and football on the TV. Who needs the family when you’ve got that trio on every major holiday this year? Kidding, obviously. I love my family. But I love them more when there’s football on the TV during the holiday festivities.


The Lions will host the Packers in the early window on FOX this season. So, while I’m cooking, I can watch the Lions continue their tradition of losing on Thanksgiving. The tides might be turning there these days, actually.

Once the Turkey Day spread is on the table, the Commanders and Cowboys get going in the mid-day slot on CBS. Then, finally, after the dishes are done and that one uncle is talking politics, drown him out with an NFC West showdown in the nightcap as the Seahawks host the 49ers on NBC.

Black Friday

Whether you’re shopping or nursing a Thanksgiving hangover, the NFL has you covered with the first-ever Black Friday game! Aaron Rodgers … actually, I think I’m going to start giving him the Voldemort treatment around here after some feedback from some regulars. He who shall not be named and the Jets host Tua and the Dolphins under the lights in East Rutherford. Should be fun!


These are some pretty sweet presents under the tree!

The Raiders and Chiefs get things going while you’re bagging up heaps of wrapping paper and putting batteries in all of the kiddo’s new toys. Is that even a thing anymore? My kids are in the electronics phase of their lives, but I remember those days fondly.

Anyways, when the dinner spread comes out of the over, the Eagles and Giants will be getting going. Hopefully, the Giants have a better showing than they did in the NFC playoffs.

Finally, wrap up the evening with the Ravens and 49ers under the lights on ABC.

New Year’s Eve

Saving the best for last, we’ve got my favorite game on the slate of holiday matchups this year! Bengals vs. Chiefs V takes place on New Year’s Eve afternoon. So those NYE festivities are starting earlier this year!

2023 Thursday Night Football Schedule

Thursday Night Football usually grinds my gears with the duds-to-dazzlers ratio heavily leaning in the former’s direction. But, hey, at least Justin Fields and the Bears are on twice. Oh, their Week 10 matchup is D.J. Moore’s first crack at his old team.

The Bengals-Ravens in Week 11 and Seahawks-Cowboys in Week 13 should be good games too.

2023 Sunday Night Football Schedule

NBC kicks off its slate of signature prime-time games with an NFC East battle between the Giants and Cowboys in Week 1.

Here are a few of my early favorites on the slate:

  • Chiefs-Jets — Week 4
  • Bears-Chargers — Week 8
  • Bills-Bengals — Week 9
  • Ravens-Jaguars — Week 15

2023 Monday Night Football Schedule

He who shall not be named makes his Jets debut against the Bills in Week 1 to kick off ESPN’s 2023 MNF slate of action.

Here are a few of my early favorites on the slate:

  • Chargers-Jets — Week 9
  • Eagles-Chiefs — Week 11
  • Bengals-Jaguars — Week 13
  • Ravens-49ers — Week 16

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