Sayers' Battle, Mack Attacks the Strike Zone, Kicking Curse, and Other Bullets

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Sayers’ Battle, Mack Attacks the Strike Zone, Kicking Curse, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

As more of my friends continue to move toward online grocery shopping, yours truly has yet to waver. I remain committed to brick-and-mortar grocery stores. And yesterday, I was rewarded when I stumbled across “Chocolate Lovers” Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in the checkout aisle.

The extra chocolate is subtle, but there. And it’s still a great treat when frozen. Now, all I need Reese’s to do is to put Reese’s Pieces in them and I’ll have a new favorite snack.

  • Your must-read piece of the day:

  • Dan Pompei (The Athletic) writes a compelling and soul-touching Gale Sayers piece ahead of the Bears100 Celebration that is coming on Friday in Rosemont. Sayers has been fighting dementia, and the challenges that have come with that battle as detailed by Pompei in this story are crushing. You’ll want to give this your full attention, but just know you might need a tissue after getting through it.
  • There’s no easy transition from that, but I can offer up this as a palate-cleanser:

  • Because one can never have too many high-leverage relief options, how about Khalil Mack for Cubs closer?
  • Legendary moves that transcended the game from players who could have played in any era:

  • Nearly 10 minutes of Brian Urlacher highlights? Sure, I’ll watch:

  • I wasn’t aware there was some curse haunting the Bears, but Kristopher Knox (Bleacher Report) writes the biggest risk the Bears are taking this season is in that they have not exorcised the curse of Robbie Gould. Perhaps someone should get on that ASAP. Has anyone thought to put out some candles or something? I don’t know how to exorcise a curse because I don’t believe in them. But if anyone does know, they should probably head to Halas Hall and help their favorite team out.
  • As for the Bears’ kicking game, Chris Blewitt, Elliott Fry, and Eddy Piñeiro are still on the 90-man roster and still in on the competition. No one is blowing the competition out of the water at this point, though we’ve known for a while that the Bears weren’t going to have a decision made when it comes to this position on June 5.
  • Speaking of the kicking game, retired long snapper Patrick Mannelly shared an interesting nugget with the Chicago Tribune’s Dan Wiederer about the time Bears left tackle Blake Brockermeyer offered to throw down a $100 bet that kicker Chris Boniol would miss a kick. It’s a pretty savage move, but betting against your own guy tells you how bad things were at the time. Boniol was one of four place-kickers to suit up for the Bears in 1999, and was successful on just 61.1 percent of his attempts. That futile effort came in a season in which Boniol, Jeff Jaeger, Brian Gowins, and Jeret Holmes (a real murderer’s row of kickers) connected on just 55.9 percent of attempted field goals. YUCK!
  • Also, is there a more fitting name for an offensive tackle than Blake Brockermeyer? I didn’t think so.
  • Not all leaders are built the same. And at 5-6, 181 pounds, and 23 years of age, one wouldn’t expect Tarik Cohen to be that guy. But you better believe Cohen is that dude, telling the Chicago Sun-Times he is ready to embrace a leadership role as he enters his third season in the NFL, saying: “The only role I feel like has changed is the fact that I’m one of the older guys in the room now. I have to bring up the young guys, stay with them and talk to them and help them learn.”
  • A cornerback who was on the Bears’ radar is still making his rounds on the free agent tour:

  • Chicago’s secondary is pretty loaded, but one can never have too much depth in the defensive backfield. Especially not when your team has to face the pass-happy offenses of Green Bay, Detroit, and Minnesota twice a year. Webster could be a buy-low target for a team like the Bears, but so far there is nothing doing.
  • Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara finds himself in fine company here:

  • Whatever, guy:

Author: Luis Medina

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