Walter Payton and George Halas to Be Immortalized With Soldier Field Statues and Other Bullets

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Walter Payton and George Halas to Be Immortalized With Soldier Field Statues and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Au Cheval has one of the best burgers I have ever had, but I rarely make it downtown to get it. So you could only imagine how happy I was to learn there was an off-shoot (aptly named Small Cheval) two blocks north of where the NBC Sports Chicago studios are located.

The burger I had last night helped make up for another woeful showing by the Cubs. Here’s hoping I don’t have to eat my feelings too often moving forward.

  • Statues of Bears legends Walter Payton and George Halas are being erected outside of Soldier Field and will be unveiled just in time for the season-opener:

  • Could you hand-pick two better or more-deserving icons to get statues outside the home of the Bears than Payton and Halas? No. The answer is no. As the founder, owner, and greatest head coach in Bears history, a Halas statue was long overdue. And then there is Payton, the best player in franchise history and arguably the greatest player in the league’s history. A Payton statue was a long-time coming. I can’t wait to see both in September.
  • Also, when does the Khalil Mack statue go up?
  • This tweet makes me feel better about QB1:

  • A preseason broadcast nugget: The Bears announced Adam Amin and Jim Miller are returning to provide the calls of the preseason action for the first three weeks. Amin is an experienced play-by-play broadcaster who you might be familiar with from his work on college football Saturdays. Miller is an ex-Bears quarterback who has slid into a role as an analyst on TV and radio. That duo worked well last preseason, so I’m cool with them running it back. NFL Network personality Kyle Brandt will once again handle play-by-play responsibilities in preseason Week 4, where he will be joined by Miller and ex-Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt. Preseason games will air on FOX-32 in Chicago, but you’ll want to check out this list to see where they will be on in your market.
  • The citizens of Tuddyville, USA, are blessed with great hands:

  • Way to get ’em, Prince:

  • If you can’t be motivated from within, then I reckon football is not the sport for you:

  • Khalil Mack is too cool:

  • BOOM!

  • These sentences are pure gold: “I accept that, in order to be a successful NFL quarterback, you have to be insane. Lord knows that Tom Brady is. Scouts spend the entire combine making sure that you’re of suitably UNsound mind and thus eternally dedicated to their deadly sport. … But Aaron Rodgers seems to have no grasp of the fine line between pushing your teammates and alienating them.” You can find the rest of them here:

  • I haven’t laughed this hard at the Packers’ expense in a hot minute. My morning has officially been made.
  • It turns out things worked out well for the Bears here:

  • At the time, the belief was that the Packers traded up to take Spriggs before the Bears could. Whoopsidoodle. The Bears ended up trading back and snagging Cody Whitehair. Nothing like the dance that is trading draft picks in the NFL!
  • I see the Raiders are back to being the Raiders:

  • Eighteen years later, Hernandez is still one of baseball’s most disliked umpires. And that’s putting it nicely.
  • The Cubs had a backup catcher pitching to an emergency catcher last night:

  • One of the keys to success is to surround yourself with greatness. I see Coby White has this locked down:

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