Aaron Rodgers Dropped a Cryptic IG Post While You Were Sleeping

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Aaron Rodgers Dropped a Cryptic IG Post While You Were Sleeping

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Aaron Rodgers’ future is uncertain, but the MVP-winning quarterback has said he wouldn’t allow his situation to drag on throughout the entirety of the offseason like he did last year.

And while that still might be the case, Rodgers is wasting little time being dramatic via social media:



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Is this an announcement? Hint? Precursor to something more? A cry for help? Plea for attention? What does it all mean?

Could be something. But it could be a big nothingburger. Nobody knows. And that’s probably how Rodgers likes it.

What we do know is that Rodgers put up a very-late-Monday Instagram post including 10 images and an accompanying caption that gave off “I ain’t reading all that … I’m happy for for you/sorry that happened” vibes. But when I ultimately gave in and read it, I left feeling conflicted. This could be as simple as Rodgers being thankful to those who were there for him in 2021, but Rodgers has given up the benefit of the doubt in terms of the expectations that he is playing it straight with his statements.

Given the final picture of his wide receivers with him missing, it’s pretty clear he WANTS people to think he’s talking about himself leaving … but he knows that, and he could just be trolling. Cool guy.

All of this comes amid the backdrop of Rodgers’ uncertain future.

Green Bay’s front office has been publicly expressing its desire to keep Rodgers in town. And for what it’s worth, Rodgers has been sounding like someone leaning toward a return for another season with the Packers. But trade rumors have been circling Rodgers since the 2021 NFL Draft.  One pundit hashed out what a Rodgers trade out of Green Bay would look like going into this offseason. However, a trade out of Packerland isn’t a forgone conclusion. Not when the Packers are willing to go for broke to retain Rodgers. It would be a capologist’s nightmare for the years ahead, to be sure. But the juice could be worth the squeeze if the alternative is Jordan Love.

At the end of the day, Rodgers’ IG post is the type one tends to push out was a goodbye message. At least, that is what we’re accustomed to seeing (see: Brady, Tom) when a player hangs ’em up. And if it was anyone else, I’d think that message was a prelude to a retirement announcement, or some other major move. But, again, Rodgers knows we’ll all think that, and he’s not above just messing with people for the fun of it.

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