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More on Bulls GM Candidate Michael Finley, Jim Boylen’s Fluidity, Adam Silver Speaks, and Other Bulls Bullets

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I’m terrible at making low-stakes decisions. When it comes to what to watch, eat, wear, or whatever … I panic. For example, last night I was trying to decide what to watch and it took about about, I don’t know, an hour. Then, I gave up and went downstairs for a snack, because why not eat when you’re bored? It then took me about 20 minutes to decide what to munch on.

Yeah, so I wasted almost an hour and half doing absolutely nothing.

  • Last night, we got word the Bulls interviewed Dallas Mavericks VP of Basketball Operations Michael Finley for their open general manager position. How do I feel about it? I’ll put it simply – ME LIKEY. Finley is the first reported interview for Arturas Karnisovas, which is kind of surprising when you consider he wasn’t on the list of primary candidates who were granted permission to speak with the Bulls last week. With that said, it’s likely the Bulls have conducted the other interviews already, and perhaps this is just the first we’re hearing about.
  • I was crossing my fingers that the Bulls would hit up Finley. One of the more well-known names out there, Finley’s player background is incredibly intriguing. If Karnisovas is looking for someone who can not only be the face of the front office but also naturally connect with players around the league, Finley is the guy for the job (side-note: Yes, John Paxson was a former player, but he was out of the league by 1994 and very uncool #GetOutOfHereOldMan). Even better, Finley is also a home-grown soul straight out of Melrose Park, Illinois. And while I’m a tad upset he went on to become a Badger (I-L-L FOR LYFE!), I still think he checks all the right boxes for this GM gig. I’m sure we’ll continue to talk about him over the coming days, but as someone whose been respected around NBA circles for an entire career, Finley would only further bolster the front office reputation.
  • Why will Jim Boylen just not go away? The Sun-Times updated us on the current Boylen situation, and it remains as messy as my love life (just kidding, I’ve been with the same girl for six years, I just wanted to sound relatable): “If you talk to individuals associated with the organization lately, they all have a different take on Boylen’s fate. Talk to them on consecutive days, and those guesses can fluctuate,” wrote Joe Cowley. Yo, stop this nonsense.
  • According to Cowley, the conversation remains fluid, but it’s also clear that Karnisovas will have full authority to make the final say. So even if some folks within the organization still have Boylen’s back, I just can’t get myself to believe he’ll be around much longer. Everyone coming into this front office just feels too smart. Plus, I have to imagine Karnisovas and whoever else he hired understands Boylen’s reception around the league and – more importantly – in the city. If they want to start off on the best possible note, they’ll show him the door.
  • So you’re not going to go play at Disney World?

  • Commissioner Adam Silver still has no clue when the NBA could make a return. And the more time the league spends with no answer or plan, the less likely it feels that we’ll get a 2019-20 champion.

  • LOL, Mike knows what’s up.

  • Zach LaVine is a freaking boss.

  • Stay safe and rep your team!

  • If you can’t wait one more day for The Last Dance, NBC Sports Chicago is on a spoiler-fest:


  • The NBA playoffs would have started today, so ESPN decided to make us cry because why not:

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