Javy Says Thanks (But Why?), All-Decade 1B, Hit Data, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Javy Says Thanks (But Why?), All-Decade 1B, Hit Data, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Massive power outage. No, not a slump from the Cubs, but a buncha wind and power lines down and such. Our entire city is without residential power right now, and it is not a small city. Apparently it went down overnight, and won’t be back until this evening. With the kiddos still at home from school, that’s gonna be a lot of device free entertaining going on … good luck, The Wife! (I kid! I swear I’ll be back from Starbucks to help as soon as news permits. What a terrible day this would be for a major Cubs transaction to break this morning … )

Bullets …

  • Nothing has come out since he put this up last night, so I’m guessing it’s just a general, end-of-year, positivity situation:

  • No one is untouchable, and yes, the Cubs *could* slide Nico Hoerner in at shortstop next year if they had to go that route. But I just cannot realistically imagine a scenario where a trade offer for Baez is so compelling that the Cubs would blow up the middle of the infield for the next two years, to say nothing of the goodwill shattered by unloading Baez, a guy who has not only become something of a “face” of the Cubs, but also seems very open to an extension.
  • Speaking of which, I wonder whatever happened to those talks that were supposed to happen. Did they play out and just not go anywhere, like the brief talks with Anthony Rizzo? Or are they ongoing, but will continue with the upcoming exchange of arbitration figures? Or are they predicated on other moves happening first to open up salary in 2020 for luxury tax purposes? If an extension for Baez kicked in for the 2020 season, it would mark a huge jump in AAV from what was otherwise expected for his 2020 arbitration year. Baez is projected to net just over $9 million in arbitration for 2020, but if he signed – for example – a six-year, $120 million deal, then the AAV for 2020 is suddenly $11 million higher than the Cubs otherwise would’ve been expecting. So moving salary out first would be a necessity if they wanted to (1) extend Javy immediately, but (2) stay under the luxury tax.
  • This is such a fun and fantastic read, and a really close look at what exactly the Cubs’ new director of hitting actually does with players (long before they’re actually even working on a swing):

  • What an absurdly stacked list of hitters at first base for all-decade honors – pretty hard to be upset that it isn’t Anthony Rizzo getting the nod:

  • Ah, memories:

  • Forgive me the personal indulgence here, but it’s too good and made me too happy to not share:

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