Random Fun on the Cubs' Draftees, and General Thoughts on a Cubs Draft I Loved

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Random Fun on the Cubs’ Draftees, and General Thoughts on a Cubs Draft I Loved

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Because so much random fun stuff pops up over the course of the draft, and because I know we’ll quickly turn to team comments and player analysis and all that good stuff, I want to make sure I don’t miss the chance to share the random fun stuff, and to comment generally on the draft.

That is to say, before I get going with the normal part of the day, random fun stuff about the Cubs’ four new prospects, drafted on Day Two yesterday: college lefty reliever Burl Carraway, college outfield slugger Jordan Nwogu, junior college lefty fireballer Luke Little, and high school righty Koen Moreno.

First, a general comment on the Cubs’ draft: I loved it. The organization needs IMPACT prospects, and that means doing something they haven’t done much until the last few drafts: take big risks. In a draft that was lauded for its once-in-a-generation level of quality college pitching, the Cubs did not take a single traditional college starting pitcher. You could see that as a mistake – every organization needs pitching – or you could see it as the Cubs taking advantage of all the other types of players falling to them, and then trying to scoop up some quality pitching after the draft as unsigned free agents. We shall see.

Every single guy the Cubs took on day two might bust. Indeed, it’s more likely than not – at an individual level – that their warts will preclude them from reaching the huge upside. But that’s what is so different about this draft than the ones the Cubs conducted in 2012 through about 2017: the Cubs are now drafting for huge upside, even if it means lots of risk. Then, if you can just hit on one of the four day two guys? You have yourself a stud, instead of maybe landing four guys who can definitely reach AAA, but then struggle to make the leap.

I do not anticipate the Cubs failing to sign any of their five picks, by the way, nor does it seems like they will be going hugely over or under slot on any of them.

OK, the random fun stuff …

•   Some of the best fastballs in the entire draft:

•   Carraway > Ives:

•   The young man is definitely a reliever, but start dreaming on him as a two-inning impact weapon:

•   I keep hearing lots of love for Nwogu’s bat:

•   Hey, I know it’s a metal bat and all that, but still – that freaking sound:


•   Oh nooooooo … but he was safe:

•   Little is going to take a lot of work, especially given his massive size (repeating mechanics at 6’8″ to improve command is really tough), but you can’t teach an arm like this:


•   Moreno was a position switch to the mound, who dominated as a junior:

•   Moreno looks good (got a whiff), but from the look of the swing and the sound of the crowd at the end, Howard got the best of him here:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.