Remembering Fabulous Finishes, What it Means to Be QB2, Happy Father's Day! And Other Bears Bullets

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Remembering Fabulous Finishes, What it Means to Be QB2, Happy Father’s Day! And Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Best wishes and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads reading this post. Thanks for all that you do now, have done in the past, and will do in the future. Relax with a cold one or two. You’ve certainly earned it.

•   Imagine not liking sports. Last night, we had an awesome ending in hockey

… and this Kevin Durant buzzer-beater that was almost a series-clincher:

And it all happened within a matter of minutes. Again … imagine not liking sports.

•  Thinking about some recent great Bears finishes:

•   So I’m thinking about last night’s wild finishes and finding myself dreaming on what the next great finish looks like for a Bears game. We’re all too familiar with the sights (and sounds) of game-ending gut punches. But in the middle of June, I allow myself to think big things for the future. Positive vibes only and all that jazz. So while we’re all itching to see Justin Fields start the season, part of me is thinking about how I’d rather see him end the year as the Bears’ QB1. Follow me for a moment.

•   For starters, it’s telling that Matt Nagy already trusts Justin Fields to be QB2. Remember, Mitchell Trubisky began his Bears career as QB3 behind Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez. It was a big deal when Trubisky was given second-team reps. And it was eyebrow-raising when he was officially declared QB2. To me, it meant Trubisky had done everything possible to be worth playing in case Glennon had to go down with an injury. It also showed me that Sanchez’s time as a viable pro QB was done. But that’s neither here nor there.

•   The major takeaway is that installing a rookie QB as the No. 2 guy suggests a coach is comfortable with him stewarding the team to the end of a game if things go sideways. And to me, that speaks volumes about what the expectations will eventually be for Fields.

•   This might seem inconsequential. But, again, I ask you to follow me. Because I want to remember how the transition from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson in Baltimore back in 2018. Flacco was the QB1 for the first nine games of the season. Baltimore went 4-5 in those games, but an injury opened the door for Jackson to step into the lineup. There is a non-zero chance that Flacco’s “meh” play would’ve led to the change anyway. Nevertheless, Jackson led the team to a 6-1 record down the stretch and into a playoff spot. That’s life as QB2. You never know when it’s your time, but you must be ready for it when it calls.

•   For the record, I would never root for an injury. However, I mention the Jackson-Flacco thing as a reminder that plans can be thrown overboard due to the injury bug. That Fields would be thrust into action if anything happens with Andy Dalton is a sign of faith from the coaching staff. So let’s not lose sight of that, even if it’s minor.

•   While the Ravens are on my mind, I still stand by this tweet:

•   For your viewing pleasure:

•   Elsewhere in the land of rookie QBs, Zach Wilson receives a vote of confidence from the best to do it in Jets history:

•   We often talk about snagging offensive plays from the Chiefs’ playbook, but this defensive concept intrigues me:


•   I didn’t see this coming:

Author: Luis Medina

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