Going Deep With Mitch Trubisky and Other Bullets

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Going Deep With Mitch Trubisky and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

Hearing Mitch Trubisky talk like should be music to our ears:

  • Kevin Fishbain of The Athletic highlights the changes in Trubisky, offering up a comparison from his most recent press conference to the last time he spoke to reporters after the season-ending loss to the Vikings. It’s really night and day, which is natural considering the stark differences between how he was coached under John Fox and how things are progressing under Matt Nagy. We’re early in the honeymoon phase of the Nagy-Trubisky era, but the mutual mancrushing that is going on seems very, very real.
  • I mean, seriously. Colleen Kane’s piece in the Chicago Tribune offers up some more context to the Nagy-Trubisky bond, with the head coach throwing bouquets of kind words at his quarterback. “Mitch is a very smart kid,” Nagy said. “He’s intelligent, very driven, motivated. A lot of the things we talk about (wanting) as a team, he has. For him to be our quarterback and to have those traits, it’s hard not to smile.”
  • Also in Kane’s story is an Allen Robinson update, where Nagy says the Bears’ newest WR1 is focusing on the mental aspect of football while sitting out position drills as he recovers from last year’s season-ending knee injury. Robinson is putting himself in a position to be ready by “being at the forefront” of the learning process with extensive note-taking.
  • Here is a ringing endorsement (on multiple levels) about the coach who will instruct the players who will be tasked with protecting Trubisky:

  • On the other side of the line, few pass-rushing prospects are as intriguing as Boston College’s Harold Landry. Over at 670 the Score, former scout and NFL talent evaluator Greg Gabriel shared a breakdown of Landry from a scout’s perspective. Slowed by an ankle injury in 2017, Landry saw a dip from his 16.5-sack 2016 season. Even then, he still came away with five sacks while playing hurt. Landry is one of the three best pass-rushers in this draft, and is a possible under-the-radar name to look out for when the Bears are on the clock – especially if they move out of pick No. 8.
  • Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times shares the intriguing idea of the Bears trading up in the draft for the third straight year in order to take a premier prospect at an important position. This time around, it would be Bradley Chubb of North Carolina State. Jahns also provides a look at the class’ best pass-rushing prospects, of which Chubb is at the top, and the team’s need at the position – which is obviously quite high.
  • Heck of a find by 670 the Score’s Nick Shepkowski on Twitter:

  • Avoiding draft blunders is every GM’s dream scenario, but mistakes are going to happen. It’s inevitable. Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon has unearthed the biggest draft miscues of the last five years and offered up suggestions on how to avoid them this year. Gagnon lists the Bears taking Trubisky over Deshaun Watson among the quarterback-related draft mistakes alongside the Browns drafting Johnny Manziel over Derek Carr and the Broncos choosing Paxton Lynch instead of Dak Prescott. Quarterback evaluation is the toughest thing in the game, but I’m not willing to go as far as to put Trubisky in the bust column next to Manziel and Lynch – even if it’s written with some tongue firmly planted in cheek.. Feels like a bit of a reach, doesn’t it?
  • Considering the Bears’ need at wide receiver, here is some noteworthy advice from Gagnon: “Trading up is often a bad idea. It’s one thing to do it when you’re desperately chasing a quarterback who you believe could turn your franchise around, but when’s the last time a receiver did that?”
  • Of course, the Bears aren’t going to trade up and take a wide receiver (right?), but there are many cautionary tales of taking a receiver high in the draft. Then again, there’s Julio Jones – who is the exception, not the rule.
  • As far as writers outside the realm of Bears football is concerned, Rich Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times is a pretty good one. And it takes a great reporter to admit when he gets had. Clear sometime on your Saturday schedule and check out Stroud’s most recent column of how he fell for the draft trap set by Lovie Smith and the rest of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brass surrounding the idea of Tampa Bay drafting Johnny Manziel.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.