Bring on the Packers, the Haters, the Hype, a New Identity, and Other Bullets

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Bring on the Packers, the Haters, the Hype, a New Identity, and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears


  • Just feed me all of the hype videos I can cram into my eye holes:

  • Mitchell is ready:

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  • Even Betty White is ready for it:

  • Here we go with the disrespect:

  • My friend Josh brought this to my attention, but just two of’s dozen or so pro football experts have the Bears making the playoffs the season. Further, there are NONE who have them getting to the NFC title game. Super Bowl? Pffffft. Fuggheddaboutit. No shot. It was easy to understand doubting the Bears last year, but having a winning record against teams with winning records, winning 12 games, taking the division title, and making the playoffs should have earned them more respect than they have now. Whatever. They’ll just have to do it again. And I bet this helps serve as motivation … s if they needed any more.
  • Believe it or not, football players are human beings. And when human beings are slighted, even in the smallest of ways, they take it personally. Great things happen when folks are motivated. And when teams are motivated? Watch out.
  • Get in, loser. We’re Chasing Greatness:

  • And from the other side of the coin, some good perspective:

  • Taylor Gabriel is going to be the friend looking back at Adrian Amos from the end zone:

  • Beware of Mobile Mitch:

  • With the regular season arriving today, the Chicago Tribune’s countdown of the Bears’ 100 best players ended with Sweetness:

  • “There’s a difference between great and legendary … and then you’ve got Walter Payton”

  • Shoutout to Will Larkin for putting together the Tribune’s top-100 list. Will and I worked at the Tribune together and was one of my favorite teammates. So to see him get this opportunity to do something huge and absolutely nail it was ridiculously awesome. I can’t say enough about Will or the list to do it justice, but check it out because you won’t have any regrets.
  • You can even listen to Will’s interview with 670 The Score’s “Bernstein & McKnight Show” talking about the list and read about it at The Pantagraph, where he got his start in the industry. Both are worth your time if you’re a Bears fan..
  • Keurig cups, dorm room gear, travel pillows, and more are your Deals of the Day at Amazon.
  • So, so, so pretty:

  • It ain’t Vegas, but it’ll do:

  • They’re still working out all of the kinks at sports books in Indiana, but they are up and running just in time for football season. But just be prepared for new employees working in a new system, and plenty of first-time gamblers who are new to the scene. Even I had to tell myself to take a breath because I knew not everyone is going to be as prepared as I was at the window. And while I don’t mind explaining things to people who don’t understand exactly what they’re doing, having to do their math was no fun (but consider it a professional courtesy from my perspective). I’ll probably do a more in-depth review once I spend an afternoon in the book (it’s happening eventually).
  • Khalil Mack is popular:

  • For your listening pleasure:

  • Here’s to doing something for a good cause:

  • This is neat:


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