Unexpected Pep Talks and Other Bears Bullets

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Unexpected Pep Talks and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

This is it, don’t get scared now.

•   The message from GMFB’s Peter Schrager is all the Bears need to hear today:

•   The whole point of controlling your own destiny isn’t to hope that John Wolford can do what CJ Beathard did to the Cardinals in Week 16. Or to wish upon a star that a Rams defense led by Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and Leonard Floyd can do your dirty work for you. Controlling your own destiny means you have the main stake in what happens moving forward. And because so many have futures that ride on what happens at Soldier Field on Sunday, I expect a spirited effort from the Bears. Because if the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot at home against your most fierce rival doesn’t do it for ya, then I’m afraid nothing ever will.

•   If Schrager’s new-year pep talk doesn’t get Chicago’s football team in the right mindset to take down the Packers, perhaps some words from Aqib Talib will do the trick. Talib, a stud cornerback during his playing days and Super Bowl champion, relayed a story on his show about Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan reaching out to share some encouraging words before this run that pushed them into the playoff picture. The message must’ve been a resounding one, because they’re 3-0 since The Zoom Call:

“It was just about locking in. About December being its own season. It just had a lot to do with that. Just starting over. The (bleep) that y’all were on during training camp, and that first game was finna start — just start over. Wipe your slate clean and start over. Like it’s a whole new season.”

•   Remember when the Bears had Peyton Manning, Cris Carter, and Doc Rivers among their offseason guest speakers? Fun times. Here’s hoping whatever lessons they learned and ultimately sparked a hot start can resurface.

•   Further, it’s fitting that Trevathan was the one to pull in a surprise guest-speaker this late in the season. Trevathan is one of the longest-tenured members of this core. His signing as a free agent was one of the Bears’ first steps toward rebuilding from what was a broken organization left behind by Phil Emery and Marc Trestman. Signing Trevathan brought credibility to a franchise that lost plenty of it in 2013 and 2014. And as a performer, Trevathan has been valuable. Glue guys who perform are worth their weight in gold if you ask me.

•   Talib has extra incentive to see the Bears make the postseason, as he can say it was his speech that rallied the troops and sent them on their way to bigger and better things. Win it for ‘Lib, you guys!

•   As Adam Jahns of The Athletic writes, it’s an important game for a great many people in the Bears organization:

•   If winning it for ‘Lib isn’t enough, then do it for each other. This core has been through some things since coming together. From building up from the ashes of the Trestman-Emery regime, to an era of accountability under John Fox, to this competitive window that opened with Matt Nagy coaching. Nagy has often talked about the culture that has kept things together when it would’ve been easy to fall apart. And while I was afraid we saw that culture deteriorate when losing to the Lions, I’ve been impressed that it didn’t totally collapse in the weeks that followed.

•   Let’s face it. Losing a Deshaun Watson grudge-match or division rivalry game against the Vikings wasn’t totally out of the picture. But Chicago has since rattled off three consecutive wins after its season low-point. That counts for something, right?

•   I’ve been thinking about this since hearing Allen Robinson II provide this perspective:

•   A few things come to mind when re-reading those words. First, it’s Robinson’s professionalism. A stud pass-catcher who does all the little things well could easily pitch a fit about the lack of consistency at the quarterback position over the last three years. Instead, Robinson paints a picture of a locker room that rallies around players because of their bond with each other. This is what that culture stuff is supposed to look like. Second, I’m reminded of when Bears receivers started to grumble about Trubisky during a rough patch in 2019. That the overall sentiment was that they were unhappy about how things were going, but still supportive of their teammate spoke volumes about how they felt about the guy without actually saying anything. If you’ve watched the NFL long enough, you know what it looks like when receivers quit on quarterbacks. We haven’t seen that in Chicago despite ample opportunities for it to happen.

•   And finally, what else does Robinson need to do to earn an extension? Excellent on the field and off it, plus a strong and level-headed teammate. The guy is everything you’d want a member of the Chicago Bears to be.

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Author: Luis Medina

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