Jason Peters Says the Key to Unlocking Justin Fields is Fixing the Offensive Line

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Jason Peters Says the Key to Unlocking Justin Fields is Fixing the Offensive Line

Chicago Bears

Bears fans have spent a large chunk of the offseason digging into finding ways to make the best of a bad situation when it comes to the offense. We’ve all been looking at Justin Fields’ mechanics, advanced metrics that could hint to the season to come being a breakout campaign, and exploring all sorts of avenues in which Chicago’s football team can be better.

But leave it to Jason Peters, a veteran offensive lineman who spent last season with the Bears, to give the best and most simple solution to the team’s offensive woes:

“Once he gets that offensive line set, that guy is going to be special because he can throw and run,” Peters said of Justin Fields. He can make all the plays he needs to make.”

Fix the offensive line! What a concept! Why hasn’t anyone brought this up before?


What makes Peters’ candid commentary so interesting to me is that if anyone has an idea of the importance of bolstering the offensive line to unlock Fields’ potential, it is someone who was in the huddle with Fields last year. Go figure.

Peters was the Bears’ best and most consistent offensive lineman last year. And while I understand that isn’t saying much when you consider the entirety of the whole, Peters was instrumental in keeping that group from being incomprehensibly bad. On top of that, he was a locker room leader and someone who was willing to be straightforward with their words when those above him were acting like everything needed to be shrouded in secrecy. Sometimes, Peters was a bit too honest. But it was certainly appreciated, especially when he was providing updates on teammates.

The Bears’ last-ditch effort in signing Peters to man the left tackle position turned out to be a worthwhile roll of the dice. One year later, Peters is looking for lightning to strike twice. And, if all things were equal, I’d probably be nudging for the Bears to kick the tires on an old friend.

Chicago could use Peters’ presence on the line. Not just as a big body capable of being a bridge until the Bears unearth a long-term fixture at the position, but also as a mentor. This offensive line could start three players with one year or less of experience going into the 2022 season. And that Peters said he is willing to come in and be a mentor makes him that much more attractive. But because the Bears seem intent on a youth movement at the position group, I simply can’t imagine Peters being a fit. But the veteran offensive lineman is looking to latch onto another team in a similar manner. And so long as he doesn’t end up with That Team in Wisconsin, I wish him well on his endeavors.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.