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Month: June 2009

Could and Should Cubs Look at Wilson Betemit?

The Cubs have gone through makeshift utility players this year like tissue paper (notice I didn’t say “Kleenex,” no suing me!). So why not another? According to a tweet by MLB.com’s Noah Coslov, the White Sox will designate infielder Wilson Betemit for assignment before Thursday’s game and call up top prospect Gordon Beckham…. Betemit hit […]


Sportscenter Clearly Understands its Audience

As I watch Sportscenter this morning to catch my Cubs highlights, among other things, what do I see? Surely my eyes betray me. That can’t possibly be the Jonas Brothers (I hope you hell you just said “who?”). Who exactly do the producers of Sportscenter think is watching their show? Do I look like a […]

Bradley’s Strained Calf Will Keep Him Out Until Next Week

Ah, Mr. Glass. Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley’s recently strained calf – like so many of his injuries – is not quite bad enough to put him on the disabled list, but is bad enough that he’s going to miss several games. Bradley, who injured the calf running out an infield chopper Tuesday night, avoided […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Mini Aramis Ramirez Update

There is still not a ton of information out there on Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez’s rehab from his dislocated shoulder, but the Tribune offered the tiniest of morsels. Ramirez will begin “baseball-related activities” this week. That doesn’t mean he’ll be back any time soon (ETA is still early July at best), but it’s […]

Sammy Sosa Retiring from Baseball, Steroids

Did you know that Sammy Sosa was still available as a free agent? I guess he was. Not surprisingly, no one really cared. So now it’s time for the former Chicago Cub superstar, former maligned and suspected juicer, and former boombox smashee to hang up the spikes. You know, even though the league hung up […]

Carlos Zambrano is in Twubble

Carlos Zambrano missed the team’s flight to Atlanta this week, and I guess that’s kind of one of those big deals (that isn’t really a big deal). Manager Lou Piniella said the Cubs would handle the discipline of Carlos Zambrano “internally,” which means he’s already dealt with it. Piniella had a 20-minute meeting with Zambrano […]


Obsessive Harden Shoulder, er Backwatch: Bullpen Session Goes Well

Injured Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Rich Harden tossed 33 pitches in a bullpen session yesterday, and all appears to be going well for him. ”It went really well,” said Harden, who added the midback pain is gone. ”I’m good.” Harden, who last pitched May 17, is to throw a longer pen on Thursday and then […]

Milton Bradley Has a Strained Calf

I’m not sure why I’m disappointed that big off-season signing Milton Bradley has not worked out so far. He’s missed games due to suspension. Check. He’s missed a ton of games due to injury. Check. But gets to say he’s not been put on the disabled list? Check. Of course, that might change soon. We […]

Milton Bradley Injured… Again Again

We’ll have a more informative update tomorrow, but it’s like to be a lot of “gee whiz, total huge shocker, Milton Bradley is hurt.” Cubs right fielder Milton Bradley left Tuesday night’s game in the fourth inning after suffering a left calf strain running out an infield chopper leading off the fourth. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES. For […]


Jake Fox: In Case of Emergency, Remove from Bench

Jake Fox, aka the greatest minor league hitter in the universe, was called up to play with the big boys last week. Fox had previously expressed his displeasure with the Cubs for keeping him under lock and key when his bat was so clearly Major League ready. So, the call up to play for the […]

Albert Pujols is Magically OK

When a Chicago Cub sneezes awkwardly, he’s out for a week (seriously, it’s happened – name the player, and win a handshake). But when a St. Louis Cardinal twists his ankle in an ugly incident, he’s just fine-a-rooney. Albert Pujols insisted he was perfectly fine following Monday night’s game against the Reds, but his manager […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Ooh, Ooh, Maybe Soriano Can Miss Time, Too!

Over the weekend, it came out that outfielder Alfonso Soriano has been battling a sore knee after banging it into a wall last week. So far he’s been able to play, but we’ll see how that goes. “His knee’s bothering him some,” Piniella said. “The trainer hasn’t told me he can’t play. Soriano’s a tough […]

Finally an Update on Aramis Ramirez’s Rehab

Am I the only one who was starting to feel like the Aramis Ramirez rehab was turning into a black box? The Chicago Cubs’ best hitter and third baseman went down on May 8 with a dislocated shoulder, and we haven’t really heard boo since. Well, it seems the rehab is going just so-so. Aramis […]