Wrapping Up The Big Moves, Trading Dunn? More on Kornet, and Other Patriotic Bullets

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Wrapping Up The Big Moves, Trading Dunn? More on Kornet, and Other Patriotic Bullets

Chicago Bulls


Currently, I’m in New York sitting with a sudden urge to make my way to Coney Island to watch the great Joey Chestnut wolf down a world-record-breaking number of hot dogs.

However, then I think twice, and I’m not sure standing in 90-degree weather shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of strangers to watch a man lubricate hot dogs with water is the way I really want to spend my 4th of July morning.

I think I’ll just catch the highlights. Also, what are the highlights for a hot dog eating contest? Like a solid dunk into the glass of water? A clear pass into the piehole? Whatever.

Anyway, here are some quick bullets to get you started on this historic morning.

  • PATRIOTIC BULLETS! (Okay, I’m done screaming now).

  • The Bulls Talk group discussed several different storylines in their latest podcast, but for the first time was able to analyze Chicago’s free agency as a whole. While some moves can still be made (for example, a likely Kris Dunn trade), the Bulls larger contract signings appear to be over with. The recent logistics of the Luke Kornet deal have yet to be announced, but either way, the Bulls are running thin on cap space. Chicago can either use their room exception ($4.76 million) to bring in Kornet, or they’ll wait to see if they can rid themselves of Dunn and use the $5 million that would open up with his departure, thus allowing the team to use the room exception elsewhere. Regardless, the Bulls have done enough for NBC Chicago Sports’ Kendell Gill to say this offseason has been a success on the podcast, something that his counterparts agree with. As I’ve stated previously, I know the bar has been set low, but regardless, these are good moves, and Kevin Anderson helped point out why on the podcast.

  • Anderson describes how the organization did exactly what the should’ve done (rare) and got players that make their team better and more competitive, but on solid deals. Anderson believes the team is setting themselves up with the future in mind, signing players that will help them squeak into the playoffs the next two seasons, but then allow for a burst of cap space two offseasons from now. I’ve made this comparison before, and I’m glad the guys here did as well, the Bulls are shaping things similar to what the Brooklyn Nets have done. The team was a 42-40 squad last year who proved with young talent and a quick playoff trip that they were a worthwhile destination… and then BOOM: Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant.
  • I’m not saying everything will work out exactly this way for the Bulls (ya know, GarPax), but it’s a reasonable model to follow. In fact, the Bulls young core might be a better all-around group, which could put up a better performance one of these next two seasons than the Nets did. Either way, Lauri Markkanen or Zach LaVine (or how about both?) need to take a step forward this season to ignite that jump toward playoff contention.
  • Oh, Benny… you goofball.

  • Okay, Young, Satoransky and Kornet… do something extremely Chicago now. Scarf down a deep dish while yelling about the Cubs.

  • Kawhi, just come to Chicago. Take the minimum and we’ll figure it out from there.

  • With most of the Bleacher Nation crew out and about doing ‘Merica things today, here is some reading to get you caught up on anything you may have missed…

Author: Elias Schuster

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