Ranking the Positions of Need, Part 2

ConteWelcome to the finale of my Inherently Subjective Positional Group Needs Ranking, or as I’ve started calling it, ISPGNR. Rolls off the tongue. Today is heavy on defense, although one offensive slot does sneak in, as does a specialist position.

7. Defensive End

Finally, we switch sides of the ball. This was the position the Bears targeted heavily in free agency; first with the addition of Lamarr Houston, then Willie Young, and finally the stealth poaching of Jared Allen. That’s a formidable and versatile rotation (2013 undrafted rookie David Bass also showed flashes of competence last season), and although depth across the entire defensive line is always important, I think defensive end is the least concerning spot on defense. (Considering the free agency outlay, I should hope so.)

6. Cornerback 

As I noted in the intro, the Bears are set at both starting corner spots for at least one more season. Tim Jennings signed an extension already, and though Charles Tillman is nearing the end, relative to some other spots on defense, it’s hard to argue that having two former Pro Bowlers as starters isn’t a solid base on which to build. Kelvin Hayden can’t stay healthy, and though Isaiah Frey has shown some flashes of ability in the nickel role, he had no interceptions and just one pass breakup last year. The Bears will have to add a cornerback at some point, and if the right player is available in the first round, I could see them doing it.

5. Offensive Tackle

This depends upon two factors: what you think of Jordan Mills as a long-term fit at right tackle, and whether you think Kyle Long will eventually be moved outside. I’m bearish on Mills, who started strong but faded, and bullish on Long’s prospects as a potential tackle. But as the roster is currently constructed, I think right tackle is the only real weakness among the 11 offensive starters. Mills could certainly take a step forward, of course, and I’d be surprised to see the Bears target an offensive lineman (or any offensive player) with a high pick. But if Mills doesn’t pan out, and the Bears don’t want to try Long outside (which would weaken their guard depth, obviously) then they’ll need to find another tackle, as the rest of the roster looks light on potential future fits. (Jermon Bushrod is good, though. This isn’t a slight to his abilities at all.)

4. Defensive Tackle

The Bears have an interesting group of linemen on the defensive interior. Last season’s addition of Jeremiah Ratliff proved fruitful once he made a healthy return, and he looks likely to start alongside a combination of Nate Collins and Stephen Paea. Israel Idonije also returns to provide a versatile (and massive!) presence; I look forward to at least one ridiculous blocked kick. New defensive end Lamarr Houston might also be able to play inside in certain packages (most likely passing downs; Mel Tucker continued Lovie Smith’s practice of kicking Julius Peppers inside on certain passing downs to maximize the number of pass rushers on the field. I’d expect that to continue this season.) But that’s pretty much it in terms of experienced depth. And when you consider that Collins is coming off of an ACL tear, Paea’s constant battle with injuries, Ratliff’s age and injury history, Idonije’s age, and the ineffectiveness of those players last season, it becomes clear that the Bears are going to have to add some help. (Collins and Ratliff both played well when healthy, in fairness to them; they played just ten games combined, so it’s hard to pin too much blame on them. But of course, that means the Bears are counting on two guys who combined to play just ten games to play major roles.)

3. Punter

While this is an odd one to drop in, the Bears are looking to replace outgoing free agent Adam Podlesh (who is outgoing for a reason.) The Bears have added a few camp legs, including Drew Butler, (son of Bear kicker Kevin Butler.) Butler kicked full-time for the Steelers in 2012 as an undrafted rookie, but was cut prior to 2013. The Bears also brought in Tress Way, who spent training camp with the team last season. I won’t pretend to know whether either of these guys is the best option, or whether there’s a late-round prospect who is clearly a better talent. But as of right now, the Bears don’t have a punter who played in 2013. That’s at least something to consider, and I’d guess that the Bears will look to bring in at least one veteran punter for training camp. I don’t want to overrate the position, but when a team has a championship ceiling (and though I feel a bit Superfan-ish saying that, I really do think that’s the ceiling) every phase is important.

2. Linebacker

I thought about separating interior and exterior linebackers, but as they would have fallen in adjacent spots, it made sense to combine the two. Obviously, Lance Briggs is still on the team, and when he was healthy last season he was still a very good player. (His injury was a freak shoulder fracture; it doesn’t look likely to repeat, although Briggs will apparently wear a protective harness. He’d been incredibly durable until last season, having missed just four games over the first ten years of his career.) He’ll be slotted in at weak-side linebacker. After Briggs, though, things get a lot murkier. Veteran D.J. Williams is back on another one-year deal; he’d started the year slowly after missing most of the preseason due to injury, and just as he seemed to be rounding into form, he was lost for the year with a ruptured pectoral tendon. With Briggs and Williams out, rookies Jon Bostic and Khaseem Greene were forced into action prematurely, and it showed.

And here we also find the newly converted Shea McClellin, as the Bears try to salvage some semblance of value from what has so far been Phil Emery’s biggest misstep as GM. McClellin seemed lost as a 4-3 defensive end, and though he played 3-4 outside linebacker at Boise State, that’s a very different position from a 4-3 outside linebacker. He’s certainly athletic enough (although “fast” for a 4-3 end is different than “fast” for a 4-3 linebacker) but his instincts and awareness have always been his biggest issue. Will he be able to acclimate to a new role? Will Mel Tucker be able to find creative uses for his skillset? In any case, it’s hard to view McClellin as an obstacle for a new player to beat out, or as a long-term piece of the puzzle. There are so many question marks at the position other than Briggs, and he turns 34 this fall. It will be interesting to see how Phil Emery and the scouts address the situation, and I’d be very surprised if they don’t take a linebacker in the early-to-middle rounds.

1. Safety

This is likely a surprise to no one. Major Wright and Chris Conte were two of the worst regular players in football last season by both metrics and the eye test. Wright is gone (thanks, Lovie), while Conte remains under contract through this season. Craig Steltz is back, mostly for special teams purposes (fun fact: your longest-tenured Bears defenders? 1. Briggs/Tillman (both drafted in 2003; decent class) 2. Steltz.) And the Bears went bargain-hunting with the  Ryan Mundy and M.D. Jennings; Mundy signed a two-year deal, Jennings a one-year contract. It’s long been the policy of the Bears to de-emphasize the importance of the safety position; Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith burned through starting combinations for the better part of a decade. And maybe in the old Tampa-2 defensive scheme, that was true. But as other teams begin to realize the importance of a ball hawk like Jairus Byrd (signed by New Orleans for six years and $54 million) or a run stuffer like Ryan Ward (signed by Denver for four years, $22 million), I think it’s time the Bears philosophy evolved as well.

Players like Byrd, Ward, Seattle’s Earl Thomas, and others are showing how important it is to shore up the middle of the field against today’s passing offenses. Mundy and Jennings might very well be an upgrade by the simple virtue of not being Major Wright or Chris Conte, and maybe Conte can find a role in his contract year. But when you consider how poorly the middle of the Bears defense fared against the run last season, when you think of Chris Conte blowing the coverage that allowed Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb to end the Bears season, and when you think about the newly-premium nature of the safety position, I think it’s obvious that the Bears need to improve.

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

75 responses to “Ranking the Positions of Need, Part 2”

  1. mdavis

    I think at this point I’ve narrowed my choices down to Gilbert and Pryor. I think Gilbert has the chance to be an elite shut down guy. Has the length and size to match up with the big receivers in the division, terrific ball skills. a big time returner. and I think could play the FS spot, or bump into the nickel spot for a year. Pryor brings size and lays some wood on the field. underrated ballhawk, and would certainly bring a physical presence to that secondary.

    round 2, while i really like Bucannon, I think hes gone end of 1 early 2. Depending who they take 1, I like McGill, SJB from the secondary, Nix and Jernigan could be there, Borland could be a solid pick at LB. Sutton, Easley, Urban, Reid could be targets in round 3 to strengthen that DT position.

    1. mdavis

      and stepping away from D for just a minute, while it’s not a need, Emery is said to really like Texas Tech TE Jace Amaro. He could be an option in round 2, and give the Bears a real nice 1-2 punch at TE. Do I thik they will? no. But if they are targeting say 7 guys in that 2 spot, and no one is there, they may just look at the board and go BPA regardless of which side of the ball.

  2. frank

    Heard this morning that Jernigan and Mettenberger failed a drug test at the combine for an overdiluted sample. Both players attribute this to overhydration, but listed as a failed test because overhydrating us sometimes purposefully done to hide something that might be found in the sample otherwise.

    1. mdavis

      Interesting for sure. Esepcially since Mettenberger already had a couple red flags in his early career at Georgia. But by all accounts he had a reall strong interview process. Not sure this is a huge deal though. Mettenberger is still in the 2-3 range, Jernigan maybe gets officailly pushed out of late 1 and into round 2. Other than that, not sure its a huge impact.

      1. frank

        I wouldn’t think the impact is going to be huge either, given the nature of the failure–but for a team on the fence, it could push the player down on their board by a bit.

        1. mdavis

          yeah for sure. 2 players rated close, one with a questionable sample the other not, obviously that could be all it takes to make up your mind.

  3. frank

    As far as OT, I have heard Hub Arkush suggest that the Bears should move Long to LT and Bushrod to RT–his belief is that Long’s future is at LT, Bushrod would be a huge upgrade at RT, and that guards are easier to find than tackles. And although the OL was much, much, much (how many “muches” can I put in?) better than what we’re used to seeing, they were probably about average last year.

    As for safety, Mundy is supposed to be an intelligent player and not prone to stupid mistakes–that alone would be an upgrade, but he’s probably not a long term solution. In an interview with a gb beat writer, M.D. Jennings was described as “a copious note taker” who could be a decent player if the Bears dumb down the defense a bit. Not very high praise.

    1. mdavis

      I think eventually that switch happens, but Bushrod is still a good LT, so that may be a year or two away. McShay updated mock has Clinton-Dix to Bears (Dennard, Gilbert, Donald gone). I think Mundy will be fine if paired with one of these younger guys. He;s not going to be a star, but he won’t hurt you. that in itself will be an upgrade.

  4. frank

    Here’s an interesting quote about trading down with the 14th pick, from an article by Patrick Finley:

    “Suppose the Bears are offered to move down six picks, Emery said. He would only make the trade if he would be comfortable taking any of six players still left on the board. He wouldn’t assume teams between the two picks would avoid those players because they could deal their selection, too.”

    “You will rank-order them and you may end up with that last one on the list,” he said. “But that last one you’d better want — or you shouldn’t trade.”

  5. frank

    Hub Arkush also says something interesting in an article for the Sun-Times–he says that Clinton-Dix and Pryor are not among the top 6 defensive players in the draft (whom he considers to be Clowney, Mack, Gilbert, Barr, Mosley, and –Tuitt (he says that for every list that has Donald between 10 and 14, there’s one that has him between 22 and 40)) and on most boards, they’re ranked between 19 and 24–so to pick either at 14 would be an overdraft. So–unless someone overdrafts a player like Manziel or Donald, along with the drafting of the offensive linemen, the Bears won’t have a shot at someone like Gilbert or Mosley. And if all of his top 6 defensive players are gone, the Bears should work like crazy to trade down so that they’ll end up with Clinton-Dix or Pryor and extra picks–OR–go offense with the pick at 14.

    Interesting–I haven’t seen anything anywhere before this that ranks Tuitt that highly, and nothing since the Combine that ranks Donald that low. I’ve also heard Barr’s stock has dropped–and that he probably doesn’t fit what the Bears do anyway. I seen Clinton-Dix and Pryor, that low, but I’ve also seen them ranked higher. Usually, when Hub Arkush talks about something, I listen, because I’ve found him to be credible and knowledgeable (except when it comes to KC–he may never live that down) but I find this analysis–well, different from anything I’ve seen so far.

  6. Greenroom

    I like Kyle Fuller. See: Brandon Flowers on the Chiefs. Yes, they are both Hokies and I went to VATech, but the kid can play. I can see him being a safety and definitely a great CB.

    1. frank

      Doesn’t he have some injury concerns?

      1. Greenroom

        He had a hernia, but I would not think that would be long along term issue. I remember seeing him play LB a few times. With his speed and athleticism, he could be a force. 6ft, 190, has some potential to play anywhere in the secondary. I like his versatility.

      2. frank

        LB? Really? Seems he’d be small for a LB. Outside rush linebacker?

        1. mdavis

          I like Fuller for sure. Not sure I love him at 14 though. I think he’s a 1st round talent, but I think better value is in the 22-27 range. I’d like to think 1 of Donald, Dennard, Gilbert, Clinton-Dix, Pryor will be at 14. If there is an early run on QBs, despite all the talk against that, the Bears could be in a real good position to move back and pick up some extra picks, but that would be the only scenario I see them getting fair value. Otherwise, I believe they stay. And, this is just my humble opinion, I think they are anticipating Donald off the board. They’ve done a lot of work on those 2-4 round DTs, which I think they may be targeting, and instead bolster the secondary rounds 1-2

          1. frank

            I absolutely would not be surprised if Tampa takes Donald–Lovie Smith is a cover 2 coach, the cover 2 needs a strong 3 technique to make it work, and Donald’s probably the best pure 3 technique in the draft. And if he doesn’t, I wouldn’t put it past Minnesota or New York to pick him.

            1. mdavis

              yea tampa could def be a fit. would be a nice 1-2 punch with McCoy. Minnesota, Zimnmer had Geno Atkins, and Donald is considered similiar so that could fit. NYG has been getting him a lot in the ESPN mocks lately. Seems a lot of the steam has him a top 10 pick.

          2. Greenroom

            I am with you on this post. I just see Brandon Flowers in Fuller. But I am with you, a DT is definitely needed.

  7. Coop

    I find myself most excited about Aaron Donald, but would be okay with Gilbert, Dennard, or Clinton-Dix.

    Emery makes me a little nervous – his first two drafts suggest he likes to “think outside the box” with his draft. It seems to have worked well with Long, but disastrously with McClellin.

    1. Greenroom

      Yes, a D-lineman would be awesome too. A safety seems to be equally justified. I couldn’t get Conte and the GB play out of my head for 2 weeks. I mean not even a hand check?!?! Oh yeah, where was I? *grumble

      1. Coop

        I cussed Conte’s name so many times last year that my friends and wife just started laughing in anticipation everytime the ball/carrier went Conte’s way…. ugh.

    2. frank

      That’s why the possibility of picking Hageman concerns me–yes, he could be great. But he could also be a bust–and the this team’s window is only going to be open another 2-3 years. Can’t afford many draft day misses.

      1. mdavis

        yeah Hageman terrifies me. from the sense that, like you said frank, that’s kind of what Emery has gone for these first 2 drafts.

      2. Coop

        Agreed. This is an important pick (not that aren’t always important – it just seems like we are really in that window of being a legit contender), so rolling the dice on an outside the box pick seems like a much more dangerous risk. If Hageman is still around come the 2nd round, maybe you can think about it, but at 14 (or even trading down to the late teens/20ish range) sounds bad to me.

    3. Coop

      I forgot Pryor on my list (even though I am a little higher on Clinton-Dix). So my hope is for one of these guys:


      I can envision a reality where all five are gone. This will make me sad and more than a little nervous for our pick.

      1. frank

        I think Mosley would be a good one to add here–he’s a true MLB, and may even beat out DJ Williams. And if he does, Williams can be moved outside–he played OLB in Denver–and if Williams gets beaten out for an OLB spot, that may mean that one of Bostic or McClellin might actually be competent at LB.

        1. mdavis

          Yeah I think if those 5 are gone, Mosley still is on the board by default. And you could do a lot worse than that guy. He’s a hell of a player

          1. mdavis

            La confara (dont really like him, but whatever) said he thinks Donald is 3rd defensive player off the board (Clowney, Mack) and no lower than 8th. And after that presser last week, and the amount of tackles the Bears have brought in that mid round range, I really think they are working under the assumption Donald wont make it to them.

            1. frank

              I think you’re right–in fact, if I remember correctly, in his latest press conference Emery said that he wouldn’t count on Donald being available when the Bears pick at 14.

              1. mdavis

                yeah that’s how i read it too. Another thing I’ve been bouncin around in my head…he pointed out they were looking at anyt corners with size that could convert to safety because the drop off after the top tier of safeties was so big….so does that mean they dont want to spend a 1st rounder on a safety, and instead find value later on? or maybe that because the drop off is so great they’re hoping 1 of the top 2 (or 3 if they really think Bucannon is that guy) make it to them.

                1. frank

                  That’s hard to say–it could be either. But I think that if someone who’s higher on their board than whichever safeties are left is available, they can take him, and pick a CB to convert later. That could be preparing for the possibility that the top two safeties are gone by the time they pick, or the possibility that they’ll pick someone on the board that they like better than the top safeties–which means they’ll likely miss out on the top safeties altogether.

                  1. mdavis

                    Yeah I think you’re right. If they don’t pick one in round 1, they’ll miss out on the top 3 I think.

                    1. mdavis

                      its part of the reason i’m a big fan of McGill. Other than the size (6’3″ 215) he was a safety who converted to corner. Has some versatility to him. Gilber though could play back there as well, though he’s not as physical as maybe you’d like.

  8. Matt

    Jay, this is from Part 1 of the ISPGNR, but I disagree with the notion that you should take the Best Player Available. I think that should apply to the MLB and NHL only.

    The NBA, and even more so, the NFL are not developmental leagues. Heck, the NFL stands for “Not For Long”, right? You need to fill talent gaps in order to win, and there isn’t really a benefit of having a surplus of talent at one position in the NFL like there is in the other sports. Trades are very rare in football.

    While you certainly don’t want to bypass a significant talent upgrade on a guy, if, say, one of the QB’s falls to 14, I’d rather see the Bears get surplus value by trading back than by grabbing the guy just because he’s the BPA.

  9. mdavis

    heard something interesting on the radio last night. Waddle and Silvy had John Clayton on and they said, ok fill in the blank. The Bears would be thrilled if (blank) was there at 14. He said Donald, and the second name? Dennard. Interesting. I think Dennard fits the type of corner they like, but still found it kind of interesting thats the name he threw out there. Also, for whatever its worth, he sees no way Aaron Donald makes it to the Bears.

    1. frank

      Dennard? Really?

    2. cubbiekoolaid2015

      Yea I’ve convinced myself Donald won’t be their. He could go 7 to the Bucs, 8 to the Vikings, 10 to the Lions, 12 to the Giants, and 13 to the Rams. Don’t see any way he makes it past all 5 of those teams… I do really like Dennard even though I don’t believe he’ll be the pick. He’s very Tillman like. Big, physical, good tackler, and smart. He would be a great pupil for Tillman to mentor for year. I just don’t like the idea of drafting someone in the first round to have them sit on the bench for most of the year. As long as Tillman and Jennings are healthy they’re going to play. That’s why I would prefer to go S or LB if Donald is gone at 14.

      1. frank

        I agree–I don’t think Dennard will be the pick, and I don’t want this pick, whoever it is, sitting on the bench all year.

      2. mdavis

        Yeah Dennard is more of a physical press type guy. He’s solid at 5’11” 200. Probably could play Safety should they wish. He could also compete for the nickel spot, or come in on nickel situations and bump Jennings inside.

        1. frank

          I would be more ok with picking Dennard if he could start at safety his first year–as I said, I don’t want this pick sitting on the bench. I think it’s important that they get at least one starter and one good rotational guy for the defense, and Dennard will not start, unless one of two things happens: they move him to safety, or someone is injured. Now if Dennard can contribute regularly from the nickel spot and they get someone like Bucannon with the 2nd rd pick, and he starts, I’d consider that a good couple of rounds. And even better if they can get a rotational DT in rd 3.

          1. mdavis

            yeah for sure. I’d be ok with Dennard coming in nickel packages, because frankly that’s more and more what this league is headed towards. Now I think Gilbert is a better player, and adds value in ST, etc. Safety probably starts day 1. So there’s a lot of ways too look at it. But most mocks I’ve seen have Dennard to the Lions or Titans….so he may not even be there. Just thought that was interesting he was the name Clayton threw out there.

    3. Coop

      Yeah, Donald really seems to be moving up. Funny that combine performance followed by a lot of hype can so greatly change a prospect’s evaluation. The game film hasn’t changed…

      1. mdavis

        he has dominant game film. part of the reason he rose so quickly. also has the numbers to back up what you see on tape. the combine workout just solidified that he’s an impressive athlete, and not an overachiever type.

        1. Coop

          Yeah, I know the game film is good. I just think it is funny that the combine performance really seems to have made a big difference – and maybe that is simply the media finally noticing him. It could well be that GMs and other NFL evaluators already had him that high. Sometimes changes in the media perception can be misconstrued as changes in NFL Team perception.

          1. cubbiekoolaid2015

            His Senior Bowl performance made a big difference.

            1. mdavis

              yeah i think you’re right coop. Seems like that’s when the media took notice, but seemed to be on the radar for NFL teams before that. I guess when you play at Pitt, you don’t really get noticed in season…

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    […] Jay continues his look at the Bears’ positions of need, with the draft approaching. […]

  11. Jorbert Solmora

    More I think about it, the more i think they’ll go S, DT, CB in order. Would like to see Jordan Tripp in the fourth and a kick returner with one of the remaining three picks. Ideal would be Dix, Easley, Desir, Tripp imo..

    1. cubbiekoolaid2015

      I really hope the Bears get one of Dre Archer or Deanthony Thomas. Could be a deadly change of pace from Forte… I also really like Josh Harris out of Wake. Kids got a lot of potential.

      1. mdavis

        I think they could get Easley in the 3rd. Along with Reid, Urban, possibly Sutton. If they go Safety 1, I’d like to see SJB or McGill in round 2, and then Reid or Easley in 3.

        As for one of those gadget backs, I think Archer goes to early for the Bears to nab him. Thomas, he may be around come 5-6 area. But if they nab someone like that, then it must mean they have faith in Ford and Draughn to be the #2, cause neither of those guys is a legit #2 back.

        1. frank

          Pryor/Clinton-Dix, SJB/McGill, and then Easley? I’d take that in a heartbeat, if Easley’s knees are good.

          1. mdavis

            Yeah that would be a solid draft. Would actually really like to see it go that direction.

  12. mdavis

    another “off the wall” athletic freak/emery type pick…Anthony Barr. And I hope against hope they don’t take him, because he reaks of McClellan. Athletic tweener who has questions about his instincts

    1. frank

      I had heard those same things about Barr–that’s why I was surprised to see that Hub Arkush has him among the 6 best defensive players in this draft.

    2. Coop

      Yeah, either McShay or Kiper had the same comment – athletic, but really questionable instincts.

      1. mdavis

        Yeah I just don’t see the fit either, but Emery has shocked me two drafts in a row. Seems most analysts have changed their tune to Pryor being the pick for Chicago. At least in most of the recent mocks

  13. frank

    Just saw an article from this past February, in which Aaron Donald would be considered a “reach” if the Bears drafted him at 14.

    1. mdavis

      yeah i think this goes back to what coop said, media clearly didn’t have a grasp of just how goo he was in college. but the scouts and front office types had this kid on tha radar. dominant tape. good stats. strong senior bowl and a lights out combine. that’ll do it.

    2. Coop

      Based on discussions on this board, I have revised my want list to: Donald, Gilbert, Clinton-Dix, Pryor, Mosley, Dennard. Six solid choices that I would be adequately please with. Which means we probably end up with Barr…

      I like the 2nd and 3rd round options you have been discussing. Mostly, I just want to see an infusion of talent (and youth) across the board on defense. Last year was really painful…

      1. frank

        I’d take those choices.

        1. mdavis

          Agreed, any of those cats, I’m going to be happy with. I swear if he picks Barr…I’m not sure what, but I’ll be upset. IF the top DBs are gone, it’ll be hard to argue Mosley. The guy is just a player.

          1. frank

            If they think Mosley can come in and start over Williams, it’d be hard to argue against him regardless; especially if they can get a Bucannon, McGill, or Jean-Baptiste in the 2nd round. I wouldn’t complain if the combo ended up Mosley, Bucannon/McGill/SJB, Easley. I don’t know that Quarles will be around as late as the third.

            1. Coop

              Yep, I would be good with that scenario, too. The more I’ve read up on Mosley, the more I like the idea.

              I still like Donald – I really think dominating the line of scrimmage is the key to all things football – but another DL is a bit of a luxury given the other glaring needs.

  14. cubbiekoolaid2015

    Here’s my first round mock(with trades)

    1. Texans – Jadeveon Clowney, OT
    2. Falcons(trade with Rams) – Greg Robinson, OT
    3. Jaguars – Johnny Manziel, QB
    4. Browns – Khalil Mack, OLB
    5. Lions(trade with Raiders) – Sammy Watkins, WR
    6. Rams(trade with Falcons) – Jake Matthews, OT
    7. Bucs – Aaron Donald, DT
    8. Vikings – Blake Bortles, QB
    9. Bills – Eric Ebron, TE
    10. Raiders(trade with Lions) – Justin Gilbert, CB
    11. Titans – Darqueze Dennard, CB
    12. Giants – Taylor Lewan, OT
    13. Rams – Mike Evans, WR
    14. Bears – Calvin Pryor, S
    15. Jets(trade with Steelers) – Odell Beckham Jr, WR
    16. Cowboys – Anthony Barr, OLB
    17. Ravens – CJ Mosley, ILB
    18. Steelers(trade with Jets) – Ha Ha Clinton Dix, S
    19. Dolphins – Kony Ealy, DE/OLB
    20. Cardinals – Zach Martin, OT
    21. Packers – Ryan Shazier, OLB/ILB
    22. Eagles – Brandon Cooks, WR
    23. Chiefs – Marqise Lee, WR
    24. Niners(trade with Bengals) – Kyle Fuller, CB
    25. Chargers – Bradley Roby, CB
    26. Browns – Derek Carr, QB
    27. Saints – Louis Nix 111, DT
    28. Panthers – Kelvin Benjamin, WR
    29. Patriots – Stephon Tuitt, DT/DE
    30. Bengals(trade with Niners) – Timmy Jernigan, DT
    31. Broncos – Ra’shede Hageman, DT
    32. Seahawks – Xavier Su’A-Filo, OG

    1. cubbiekoolaid2015

      **Jadeveon Clowney, DE**

  15. Jon

    We all know Emery is going to do something crazy and shock us all!

    Not to pick on anyone directly , but I saw drafting Dennard and moving him to safety? I hope none of that. It seems to get the Bears on trouble

    Draft a safety play him at safety. Corner play him at Corner.

    I’ve been back and forth on Dix and Pryor and I think I’m going Pryor. There is just more wow there w/ Pryor even though he might be not as good in coverage

    1. mdavis

      I’ll agree with you on Pryor over Dix. He’s a more physical corner, and he’ll knock your clock off. And after watching Conte ole so many running backs last year that’s what we need. it’ll be interesting, just a few more hours!…..for 1 pick. have i mentioned i hate how they stretch this thing out?

      1. frank

        I would agree on Pryor as well, especially if his coverage skills are almost as good as those of Clinton-Dix, as some have said. I imagine that this draft will give us a couple of hints as to what the Bears plan to do on defense this year–for example, if they pick Clinton-Dix over Pryor, assuming they’re both still on the board, it might (emphasize “might”) be an indication that they’re going to play schemes that rely on the safeties to cover downfield a bit more than they have in the past.

  16. mdavis

    Mayock came out with his mock. Some interesting stuff in there. Notables.

    Cleveland #4: T Jake Matthews
    Minnesota #8: CB Justin Gilbert
    Lions #10: CB Darqueze Dennard
    Titans #11: QB Blake Bortles
    Giants #12: TE Eric Ebron
    Bears #14: S Calvin Pryor
    Steelers #15: CB Kyle Fuller
    Cowboys #16: QB Johnny Manziel
    Ravens #17: LB CJ Mosley
    Eagles #22: S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
    Bengals #24: DT Aaron Donald
    Browns #26: QB Teddy Bridgewater
    Raiders #28 (trade w/ Panthers): QB Derek Carr

    So he clearly is not as high on Donald. very interesting.

  17. frank

    Greg Gabriel’s mock has some interesting things in it:

    Houston #1: Greg Robinson OT
    St. Louis #2: Jadeveon Clowney DE
    Minnesota #8: Aaron Donald DT
    Detroit #10: Odell Becham WR
    Tennessee #11: Justin Gilbert CB
    NYG #12: Anthony Barr (as DE)
    St. Louis #13: Darqueze Dennard CB
    BEARS #14: Kyle Fuller CB
    Pittsburgh #16: Ra’shede Hageman DT
    Dallas #17: HaHa Clinton-Dix S
    Baltimore #18: Calvin Pryor S
    gb #21: Ryan Shazier LB
    KC #23: Johhny Manziel QB
    Cleveland #26: Teddy Bridgewater QB
    SF #30: Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB
    Denver #31: C.J. Mosley LB

    I don’t know that I see the Bears taking Fuller with Clinton-Dix, Pryor and Mosley still on the board.

    1. mdavis

      i’d have to agree with you. don’t see mosley dropping that far and SJB i don’t view as a day 1 pick.

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