Don't Let Luck's Retirement Distract You From the Bears' Awesome Defensive Showing and Other Bullets

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Don’t Let Luck’s Retirement Distract You From the Bears’ Awesome Defensive Showing and Other Bullets

Chicago Bears

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  • Brett did a good tweet:

  • Eddy Piñeiro drilled a HUGE 58-yard field goal, the Bears defense scored a pair of touchdowns (because of course), and for the first time this preseason, Chicago football has a win to talk about. And yet, the big story from Saturday’s preseason exhibition against the Colts is Andrew Luck’s retirement — and with good reason.
  • Luck was a top-10 quarterback at the peak of his powers and in the prime of his career. He was a four-time Pro Bowler who had four years with 4,000+ passing yards, three seasons with 30+ passing touchdowns, and when healthy, good enough to lead the Colts to four campaigns with at last 10 wins (each of which ended with a playoff run). Luck wasn’t just good, he was damn good.
  • Let’s not allow this surprise retirement to warp what we think of Luck’s career. As far as I’m concerned, Luck’s lasting legacy with me will be him piecing together the second-greatest comeback in NFL postseason history and having his career cut short due to injuries he couldn’t come back from.
  • Seriously, just reading this would make me want to retire:

  • Seeing this on the other sideline would make me call it quits, too:

  • Getting a grasp for the moment could not have been easy for anyone at Lucas Oil Stadium, but there are some unique perspectives to be read:

  • Football takes a lot out of people. Frankly, I’m surprised more players don’t walk away from the game in this manner.
  • There were some really odd takes after Luck announced his retirement, but this one takes the cake:

  • Colts owner Jim Irsay is a weird dude:

  • Booing Luck was unnecessary and uncalled for:

  • My friend Steve was an ace photographer during his college years when we crossed paths, so I really like and appreciate his perspective on this image, which is worth a thousand words and myriad different feelings:

  • Maybe the Colts will be fine after all:

  • Now that Luck is out of the league …

  • Oh, yeah. The Bears and Colts played a preseason game.
  • The Bears offense was out-gained by nearly 100 yards, ran ran 21 fewer plays, and possessed the ball for 11 fewer minutes. And yet, won an exhibition football game. You can’t predict football, baby!
  • You’re probably wondering how the Bears won a game in this manner? Well, their defense forced three turnovers, scored two touchdowns, came up with six sacks, 10 quarterback hits, and 10 tackles-for-loss. So even in a game where the backups are carrying a bulk of the workload, it’s the Bears defense that shines. Go figure.
(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
  • Some highlights:

  • I still can’t believe this image came during a Bears touchdown:

  • Tyler Bray (11-for-16, 136 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 89.6 passer rating) was OK.
  • This touchdown pass to Princeton product Jesper Horstead was neat:

  • Elsewhere on the offensive side of the ball, Ryan Nall’s nice run should put him in position to snag one of the last spots on the 53-man roster:

  • When the kicking job is all but yours:

  • This was a good look by the folks in Indianapolis:

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  • If you can’t get enough preseason football, NBC will use Skycam as its primary camera during its broadcast of Sunday’s Steelers-Titans preseason battle. Because preseason seems like a decent time to be experimental, I’m cool with this roll of the dice from a television perspective. At minimum, I’m willing to give it a shot (for a quarter … maybe).

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.