Remembering Sweetness, Coach Jokes, Your Favorite Sandwich, and Other Bears Bullets

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Remembering Sweetness, Coach Jokes, Your Favorite Sandwich, and Other Bears Bullets

Chicago Bears

Only one trick-or-treater braved the elements to get Halloween candy from me yesterday. What a shame. I guess I’ll have to eat these Reese’s cups, Hershey’s, Crunch bars, Twixes, Milky Ways, and M&M’s all by myself.

  • It was on this date in 1999 when Bears legend Walter Payton passed away. Let’s take a moment to do some sharing:

  • Having been born in 1986, I didn’t get to see Walter Payton play with my own two eyes. But between games that were saved on VHS, NFL Films coverage, ESPN’s classic sports archive, and highlight reels via YouTube and elsewhere, I have long had a sense for what Payton meant for the Bears and the city of Chicago. Tack on the stories from those who saw him at the peak of his powers, and Payton’s career is truly the stuff of legends.
  • What stands out most to you when browsing Payton’s Pro Football Reference page? For me, it’s that he surpassed 1,200 rushing yards 10 of his 13 seasons. And in 9 of those years, Payton ran for at lest 1,300 yards. It was a truly remarkable career that should long be remembered as the greatest of all time.
  • I’m re-sharing this, which was originally posted on what would have been Sweetness’ birthday:

  • No argument here:

  • I appreciate Chris Tabor’s perspective on this issue, which pretty much boils down to make the stinkin’ kick!
  • For the record, I still think (regardless of where the ball was placed) Eddy Piñeiro should have made the 41-yard field goal as time expired last week against the Chargers. HOWEVER, I don’t think the Bears should have ignored his preferences. In a game that comes down to inches, every piece of attention to detail matters. And if you can make thing as right as possible, then you do it.
  • In the end, I’m just glad we’ll put this fully in our rear-view mirror because there will be a different game to watch and discuss soon.
  • Matt Nagy talks homecomings, Philly cheesesteaks in Delaware, and David Ross:

  • Speaking of Philly cheesesteaks, here is a very important poll I would like for you to weigh in on:

  • Choose wisely, friends.
  • I don’t know how much external media Nagy consumes each week, but Tony Kornheiser clowning him on ESPN probably would not have made him too happy:

  • I missed the opening moments of the Nagy press conference, so I missed out on the joking part:

  • There was a 30 comment thread in a group chat I was in about how Nagy was a dope for having the Bears practice in the snow when the weather in Philadelphia looks to be in the 50s and sunny. But because group chats don’t do well with nuanced conversations, I’ll put it on mute for a while and let it be.
  • More jokes:

  • Who would have guessed that the Bears would have been viewed as “a fairly easy win” for anyone prior to Week 1:

  • DeSean Jackson runs so hot-and-cold. There are games where he takes over and you wonder how anyone ever stops him. But there are also games where he is a non-factor. Here’s hoping his pending return is more of the latter than the former.
  • Perhaps this is why Cam Newton didn’t get moved at the trade deadline:

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